My post today is intended to simply spread a little mummy-camaraderie, empathy, and hopefully motivation and encouragement!

At the mere mention of ‘postnatal exercise’, all mums will say they HAVEN’T GOT ANY BLOODY TIME. Believe me, I know. I’ve got 2 youg children, a business and a household, not to mention a very energetic dog…

But it is often assumed that my postnatal exercise regime, being a personal trainer and all, consists of regular hour-plus long structured workouts. Now I’m a little odd I admit in that I actually like working out. Nevertheless, I honestly can’t remember the last time I did one of those workouts.

That’ll be because I haven’t got any bloody time…

So I’m hoping you might get a couple of ideas from my ‘exercise routine’ that help you inject a little momentum into yours.

My most enthusiastic running buddy!

If I get to walk the dog sans kids, I put my trainers on and run. If I’m walking her with kids, they think I’m hilarious doing my walking lunges, or stopping to do some pull ups from a bar. We have races, I carry them on my back and run around… you get the idea.

If you wait for an hour ‘gap’ to ‘do your workout’, guess what? You will NEVER get that hour gap. Result: no exercise at all. Feel a bit *failed* and a bit rubbish. Result: eat biscuits.

I’ve got 2 suggestions on where you go from this obvious truth – that mums have no time –  both with a very positive outcome.

1. You can be disciplined with yourself and your other commitments, and schedule that hour. It’s your entitlement and you totally deserve to spend some time on it. Everybody is motivated differently, and it may help you to get changed into some ‘proper’ workout gear and do an exercise DVD you enjoy, or go to the gym , or to a class. If it’s in your diary, however hectic that diary might be, then you will find make the time.

2. So you’re looking at option 1 and shaking your head, ‘Ain’t gonna happen’. An hour? Plus travel and/or shower time? Forget it.

In which case, my suggestion is to do what I do and just take what you can get. By that I mean 15 minutes. 25 (even better). 5 minutes even. Use the ideas in the interval workout post, and simply DO any combination of lunges, squats, press-ups, a minute’s plank (come on, you’ve got one minute).

Do your core and pelvic floor exercises while you cook supper or do a jigsaw with the kids. Use tidy-up time to do some serious squatting in perfect posture everytime you pick something up. When you lift your little one, do so with your core fully activated and do some squats or raise her above your head in a shoulder press. Next time you’re in the park, grab the next railing and do some pull ups (video) (your baby / kids will think you’re doing it purely for their entertainment). Don’t watch them run around – join in.

Get your heart rate going and work big muscle groups. It doesn’t have to be more complicated than that to do some real good.

The key is to stop THINKING about doing some exercise, and just DO some. Just start. If your partner gets home early or someone offers you a half hour break, grab your trainers and get outside – it doesn’t matter what you look like or how long you’ve got… I promise you’ll feel better afterwards.

When you’ve got a minute ;-) let me know how you fit exercise into your day! Do you MAKE it happen, or do you never seem to quite find the time?