For those days when every conceivable thing is going wrong. The house looks like a small herd of elephants came stampeding through, you’re bra-less, hair’s not been brushed since last Tuesday and any minute now, your teething baby is about to make a cobra look like a puppy dog.

It’s a crappy day and anything but survival is out of the question.

Here’s our guide to salvage days just like this…

Go outside and walk. The power of the outdoors… works. Step out for even just a few minutes, get some fresh air and let the kids burn some energy. See it as your reset button for the day to go from zero to badass in no time!

Plan tomorrow. Plan your day to make sure you fit in time for you. This includes brushing hair (unless like me, you have it cut so short you don’t own a brush. Low maintenance wherever possible ;-)), MUTU-ing, walking, eating nourishing food and everything else you have to fit into a day. Leave gaps for the inevitable. Planning is key when you’ve got s**t to do!

Prep good food for the next day. If you’ve reached for crappy food today because you were stressed, get your prep on and plan good healthy, nutritious meals for the following day so you know you’re going to kick ass on the food front… tomorrow.

Stop feeling guilty. So you didn’t manage to MUTU today and you’re still in your pyjamas. Rock those PJs today, and tomorrow plan to get up a little earlier and start your day with a round of MUTU Core. You’ll feel on top of the world having got it out the way with a full day ahead.

Call in the cavalry. Ask. For Help. You might be Superwoman to us but even Superwoman has her limits. Call upon friends, neighbours or family members to help you out.

Breathe and try to get a few moments of calm. Press play on MUTU Breathe in the 12 week program. Meditation and relaxation is key to getting back on track and to a place where you can tackle the day again. Literally just five minutes of lying or sitting comfortably, breathing, slowly, quietly, with your eyes closed – is a life saver.

Go to the grocery store and stock up on good wholesome, nutritious food, then go home and make something that’s going to kick this crappy day into next week!

Don’t dwell on it. You’re having a bad day, it doesn’t mean you’re having a bad life. The world turned. The children are still breathing. Now you breathe. Move on and do something positive. Play with your kids, laugh, get them into bed and then go have sex, or sleep, or both. Be happy.

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