Are you one of those moms who’s hard wired to put everyone but yourself first? The kids, hubby, friends, even the lady across the road you don’t really know had the last of your milk yesterday.

Does it just come with the territory? Are we supposed to accept a life where our own needs are always an afterthought?

No Ma’am. No we are not.

If you aren’t already, there are steps you could be taking towards self care to make sure you can be the BEST mom you can be.

Let your body recover

If you never ‘had time’ to help your body recover after having babies, don’t waste anymore thinking about it, and putting up with symptoms that make you feel crappy. Leaking isn’t okay. Back ache, a poochy tummy, weak core… These are all things you shouldn’t be surrendering too now you’ve had kids. You deserve a body that works properly so you can be healthy and fit, pick up your kids, move, walk and run. It’s the least we can expect as mothers to have a body that functions properly after childbirth. It’s essential to motherhood and looking after our children.

Reconnect again

Your mind plays a far more powerful part in this than you probably know. If you aren’t making time for yourself or putting your needs first, you’ve probably lost a little love for yourself. It’s time. Right here, right now to start firing up that body / mind connection again. Start listening to your body and stop resenting it because it’s not working properly. You’ve been ignoring it for a while, so it’s no surprise that it’s lost its way a little. Reconnect today

No more mean girl

Those days when you’re a big old meanie to yourself. No more of that, please. You wouldn’t say those things to anyone else. So don’t be down on yourself. Whether you realise it or not, your kids will pick up on these habits. Lead by example. Learn to love yourself again.

Making time is compulsory

I’m sure you wish you had a time machine so you could cram more into your day, but the reality is there isn’t a magic formula to find spare time. You have to make time and that’s the first step in prioritising you. From today forward, make time for a 30 minute walk in the fresh air. Every Single Day. Not only will this help in your postpartum recovery, but you’re also outdoors, spending time with your kids. Making memories. Look at you, multi-tasking like a badass right there!

If you’re happy, healthy and well. If you have a body that works properly, if you prioritise self love… Everything else will follow. Being a good mom, a good partner, a good friend. It all falls into place.

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