Women who are working hard to make their their post-pregnancy body look and feel better do this. They really do. I’ve seen it countless times…

They say, ‘Well you see it’s all fine, it’s really improving and feeling stronger, until I’m kind of in THIS position.


And then they get into some weird all-scrunched-up, bent-over, upside-down position and then they jam their chin to their chest and strain to look down at their belly button where the skin has wrinkled up and where gravity and scrunchiness kicks in (which if you’ve had babies is a distinct possibility) and then they point (which isn’t easy in this position) and say triumphantly, but slightly muffled: ‘There! That bit! LOOK at it! Ugh. AWFUL.’

Sister, listen up. Anyone with that particular vantage point of your body is GRATEFUL and HAPPY. Because they are either a man getting laid or a baby being fed.*

So stop twisting yourself into a ridiculous position to really accentuate the bit you don’t like. Stop finding the bits you hate, especially when you have to be contortionist to get there. Stand tall and strong and proud – then look at how GOOD your new strong, stable, functioning core and belly looks and feels.

True body confidence has to come from a positive place. Preferably the right way up.

And believe me – the ones looking up at your body… are not complaining.

* I’d like to thank the awesome Caitlin Moran (‘How To Be A Woman’) for the great line about gratitude which I blatantly stole. She was referring to boobs. But the sentiment is entirely the same.