You are not alone!

What can MUTU give you that an exercise DVD can’t?

Well, first off, I truly believe there’s no exercise DVD that can help you restore your mid-section like MUTU does. Or that’s so well adapted for mums’ bodies, which have been put through the joy rigours of pregnancy and birth.

But that’s another (very big) subject.

The other thing that is REALLY SPECIAL about MUTU is the support you get: From me and from others through the MUTU Mamas closed community forum.

As soon as you buy one of the MUTU System programs, you can join the group, which is a kind of secret society of MUTU-ers. It’s a closed group, so all your questions, comments or pictures are for other MUTU Mamas’ eyes only.

There’s a cliché about mums – that we “like to chat” – and it’s true. The MUTU Mamas group is a mothers’ meeting with a difference. It has real value, because you can share sensitive stuff without fear of judgment – from flabby spare tyres and wee leakage to victory dances about a happy milestone you’ve reached.

And, in return, you’ll get all the positive strokes and pats-on-the-back you need (but are unlikely to get from folks that don’t relate to your MUTU journey).

I’m on hand too, lurking in the background, waiting for my cue to step in and answer your questions about the program you’re working through and the progress you’re making. I’ll do my best to help you max out the rewards of your MUTU experience.

So, you see, rock hard abs are only half of the MUTU package – the warm and supportive MUTU Mamas community is a bonus that makes a big difference!