MUTU Food is about mindful eating – knowing what’s in your food so your life is kept as simple as possible and mealtimes are free of calorie counting and portion control!

I have a question for you.

What’s your go to treat? That thing you simply can’t resist when you reach to the cupboard for a pick me up?

Mine’s chocolate. So I switch it for Dark, organic 70% and above cocoa solid, chocolate. Here’s a few more switches you can try to help your body heal, burn fat and take on more nutritious foods.

Swap #1: Sugary desserts

You have a sweet tooth, you know it’s bad but just can’t resist a dessert after dinner. Try making a sugar free smoothie using frozen fruit and coconut milk or natural yogurt. Honestly, you can thank me later! Vitamins found in the fruit go a long way to help stimulate collagen regeneration. Keep eating em’!

Swap #2: Sugar in your coffee

That one spoon you have soon adds up over the week. Try making your hot drink with almond milk or coconut milk for natural sweetness (not the brands with added sugar!)

Put simply, sugar = more insulin = a body that’s not good at breaking down fat but great at storing it!

Swap #3: White potatoes

Swap the white potato for his sweeter cousin. By switching, your going to be taking on more essential minerals and vitamins. Iron which is going to help you to get a rock solid immune system and magnesium which is great for anti-stress.

Swap #4: Cookies

Instead of grabbing a cookie to keep you going, try oat cakes or slices of apple with nut butter on! They’ll keep you going when you have a little dip in energy during the day.

Swap #5: Chips

That bag of chips in the cupboard is all too easy to dip into when you get hungry. So get creative in the kitchen and bake yourself a batch of vitamin packed kale chips. They’ll curb your hunger AND they are full of antioxidants that are going to give your postpartum recovery a turbo boost!

By reducing the sugary snacks, processed foods and trans fats, you will reduce inflammation in your body and support the body’s healing process.

Try adding the ‘Anti-inflammatory front line’ into your diet by featuring more ginger, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, turmeric and green tea in your day.

You have the ability to give your body the best chance of recovery after having a baby. I’d love to hear which switches you’ve made already.

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