My Child is Lactose Intolerant! What Do I Feed Her?

Milk’s good for kids, right? But, for some children, a small glass of milk, is enough to bring on a nasty stomach ache, uncomfortable bloating, wind and diarrhea. But don't panic, your kids (or you) don't need milk. These are the signs of lactose intolerance, a common digestive problem where the body is unable to [...]

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Healthy Eating for Mums and Kids

It's a huge challenge for mums: How to feed yourself and your kids (preferably the same) healthy family food on a daily basis. I have recently started working with an absolutely lovely client who has quite a mealtime challenge on her hands: 4 kids, aged 4-10, two of whom are autistic. "Fussy Eaters" doesn't apparently [...]

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Picky Eating Toddlers + Fussy Eaters | Meal Ideas

Feeding your picky eating toddlers or fussy eaters a meal they'll actually eat can be hard. We know that ideally kids get a version of what we'll be eating later, but this isn't always practical... So, accepting the reality of the situation (I am an annoying, obsessive, organic foodie evangelist, but I am also a [...]

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Family Health Foods | Clearing Up The Confusion

Choosing family health foods for your kids can be a minefield. Pasta with cheese, yoghurt, chicken, sandwiches, fish (usually of the fingers variety), chips and peas - these are staple nutritious kids' foods right? Full of energy, calcium, protein and vitamins? Well they can be. But then again... Pasta can be lots of things, as [...]

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