What Happens When We Eat Better?

We’re overrun  with healthy eating information EVERYWHERE. Eat ‘cleaner’, eat healthier, eat smarter, eat organic… The list goes on and on.  It’s too much and no wonder we sometimes think, to hell with this, pass the chocolate! MUTU Food suggests you eat cleaner, more naturally, but why? What actually happens to your body when you [...]

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Are Hormones And Lack of Sleep Affecting Your Weight? | 6 Ways To Reduce Belly Fat Storage

Eat less, move more, and you'll lose your baby weight, they say. It's missing something. 'Calories in, calories out' are not the only factor in determining fat loss, especially fat loss from around your waistline. Your hormones, your stress levels and how much sleep you're getting are contributing to the fat around your belly [...]

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More Fat, Less Sugar & No Diet Drinks

Fat isn't the problem, but sugar, stress, processed food, not enough good fats and not moving might be. We Need Fats. Good Ones. For years we were fed the ‘low fat’ mantra of losing weight – there was something so simple about it: fat makes you fat. This was entirely misleading We need fats, natural, [...]

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