What Happens When We Eat Better?

We’re overrun  with healthy eating information EVERYWHERE. Eat ‘cleaner’, eat healthier, eat smarter, eat organic… The list goes on and on.  It’s too much and no wonder we sometimes think, to hell with this, pass the chocolate! MUTU Food suggests you eat cleaner, more naturally, but why? What actually happens to your body when you [...]

Nutritional Food for Women: 12 Tips For You!

Nutritional food for women may be different from what’s best for men – and to confuse matters further, it changes as your body changes, as the demands on it vary, and as you get older. But there are some principles which will always apply! When we talk about healthy eating, what we should really be [...]

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Video Nasty Tells The Truth About Food

Did you know that there’s enough fat in a pizza to fill a wine glass? Or up to 17 cubes of sugar in a fizzy drink? This new ad for the NHS Change 4 Life campaign gives us some pretty hideous facts like these about the nasty stuff that’s hidden in the processed foods and [...]

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