The Dear Milfamily Podcast is hosted by Sheena, who has been a MilSpouse since 2009. She created the podcast as a way to bring the military community together as it can be a difficult lifestyle but also very rewarding.

Sheena wants everyone in the community to feel welcomed and accepted – to feel like they belong.

Her podcast covers a variety of subjects including combat recovery, Living with PTSD, and how to stay connected during deployment.

Pelvic floor exercise and support for military moms

On December 4, 2018, I was featured on the Dear Milfamily Podcast.
Want to know what we talked about? Here is the summary from the Milfamily Podcast:
Have you ever heard: “You’ve had a baby! Your body will never be how it was before!” We all have, but you can actually heal your body back to normal or almost normal with the help of a system called MUTU. 
Developed to heal diastasis recti and other pelvic floor issues. And Wendy the creator of MUTU along with MilSpouse and mom Ashley have created a special program of exercise and support just for military moms!

Ashley Gammons is a seasoned army wife, mom of three beautiful girls, and a passionate military spouse on a mission. She has a background in health and is a certified personal trainer, MUTU Pro, and M.O.M.S. (Military Outreach MUTU System) Community Manager. The program promotes pelvic floor and core health for women in pre and postpartum stages of life. Ashley empowers women to put health first and improve the quality of life in the process. When she isn’t busy with that, you can usually find her outdoors in the country, sipping hot coffee, while enjoying the rural life in Michigan. 

Want to listen?

You can listen to our episode on the Dear Milfamily Podcast website.

The Dear Milfamily Podcast