Last week I got a message ‘OMG!! MUTU System name checked by Kate Middleton!! Huge congratulations!’. My heart skipped a beat, I clicked and skim-read… blah blah, dresses, (‘ooh cap sleeves’), blah, the merits of various shades of brown hair, blah, the rules of eyeliner, blah… then:  Kate is also said to like the MUTU System — a 12-week online programme of post-natal exercise to address this [diastasis recti] and also strengthen her pelvic floor.


Oh. My. Life. My product, the programme I created and have nurtured and grown through sweat, joy, tears and hard work for the past 9 years, endorsed by a celebrity. By a *Royal* celebrity, no less. As any brand will attest, it’s the stuff of PR Gold. My team’s WhatsApp had smoke coming out of our phones for a few hours as we happy-danced and shared across social media like crazy.

“When one of the most famous mothers on the planet is using our postpartum core recovery programme… that’s pretty darn cool.”

I am thrilled, of course. We all know that celebrity endorsement sells. And when one of the most famous mothers on the planet is using your postpartum core recovery program… that’s the holy grail. The more women we can get our message out to, the more empowerment, confidence and strength we can spread.

I have no idea who recommended MUTU to the Duchess. It could have been her trainer, or a friend, maybe it was Pippa or Meghan (*dreams*). I shall simply be grateful that they did. All we did was send a nice thank-you letter to Kensington Palace today.

“MUTU System stands for every woman and for her right to feel amazing in her body”

But… It is slightly bitter sweet. MUTU System stands for every woman and for her right to feel amazing in her body. Her right to the dignity of a body that works and that feels good. We believe every woman should be fully empowered and free from judgement to make her own choices about her body and what she does with it, how she does or doesn’t adorn or alter it. Not to be a certain size or shape, not to conform to any pointless, misogynist ‘ideal’, but rather to be strong, confident and to deeply know her value, her beauty and her worth.

The Daily Mail generally, and this article specifically, repeatedly states the exact opposite.

It’s frustrating and demeaning that once again, the focus in this article about women suggests that royal or not, wealthy or not, famous or not, we are only as valuable and interesting as the size of our waist or the shiny-ness of our hair. I passionately disagree with this and similar journalistic coverage of women and their bodies that diminishes our worth to dress sizes and ‘making an effort to tone up’ (yes it actually says that).

The final insult is the confirmation from a glance at the stream of trolling and body-shaming comments, that this content seems to be what a not-insignificant number of people are happy to read, and journalists presumably feel obliged to deliver.

“She’s a woman who has had babies and feels the same feelings as the rest of us”

It’s not that the apparent recommendation of the super-famous is any more credible or important than that of anyone else. But it is as credible. Kate’s circumstances, priorities and resources are certainly extraordinary. But she’s a woman who has had babies and feels the same feelings as the rest of us. The difference is that she’s got the world watching and judging her.

The Mail Online is the most visited site in the world. The higher profile and the greater reach MUTU System achieves, the more women we can share our message of empowerment with. So I can hate the rest of the article, and still absolutely LOVE that MUTU System got a mention, and accept with gratitude the kudos and publicity that entails. The Duchess of Cambridge is an insanely famous and followed celebrity. And the fact that she (maybe even Pippa or Meghan too) might be working out to my program? I’m squealing and I’m not gonna deny it.

Click here to find out more about the MUTU System program today – reported to be used by Royal MUTU Mama, The Duchess of Cambridge.