Let’s discuss your leaky undercarriage. It’s not nice when you leak, it’s not sexy or comfortable and you feel in the dark about all this pelvic floor stuff. You may have heard snippets of advice and info, but I want to clear up some of the stuff that is just plain ridiculous or simply not true…

Myth #1 It’s okay if you pee a little when you sneeze.

Put simply, NO. Leaking is not an acceptable or inevitable Mom Reality. Yes it’s very common, but no it’s not normal or okay.

Myth #2 Leaking is something that just comes with age.

Picture the Tena Lady ad with a gorgeous, silver haired woman in her 50s, smiling, laughing and running. She’s peeing a little with all the running and laughing she’s doing, but it’s okay because she’s got her stash of Tena Lady pads! Sadly too, the women portrayed in these ads are getting younger and younger. We’re conditioned by advertising to believe that women inevitably leak as we age. Not true and it really doesn’t have to be the case.

Myth #3 Pain during intercourse is normal after you’ve had kids.

Let’s get one thing straight, pain free sex is the very least you should expect from your time in the bedroom with your partner. If you experience any pain, this is NOT okay and you should seek the advice of a qualified Women’s Health Physiotherapist or Physical Therapist.

Myth #4 Kegels will cure all my pelvic health concerns.

Whilst Kegels or traditional pelvic floor squeezes are a foundational starting point, they may not be performed correctly and they may simply not be enough. There is a vital relaxation phase often missing. Find out more about why Kegels aren’t enough, here.

Myth #5 It won’t cause any further issues, I just leak a little every now and then.

If ignored or left untreated, a little bit of leaking can often lead to something way more serious and uncomfortable, like less pleasurable sex, Pelvic Organ Prolapse, Hernia, and future pregnancies pay cause greater trauma.

Every woman should get to know her pelvic floor a little better, and if you do have issues with leaking learn more about your pelvic floor here or find out more about being referred to a Women’s Health Physical Therapist.

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