We all have days where we’re reaching for a glass of red or allowing self-doubt to creep in and convince us we’re never going to feel comfortable or sexy in a swimsuit again or that we just have to accept our body as it is and be done with it. It’s okay. We’re all human, we all have ‘off’ days and times where we are definitely too hard on ourselves. So we’ve put together some guidelines that we’ve called the MUTU Commandments for you to keep at hand for those ‘fall off the wagon’ moments…

MUTU Commandments

Okay… 11 commandments it is… You shall not take the process too seriously. Have fun, make friends in our fabulous support group and most importantly enjoy it.

So there you have it, from this day forward you shall try to live by these commandments and encourage others to do so when they lose their way. Want to add to our list?, tag us using the hashtag #MUTUCommandments and add your own rules on our Facebook page.