Wanna be in our movie??…

Has MUTU System helped you find your body confidence inside and out?

Will you help us spread the word and be part of a fun video starring the most important element of MUTU System… the women that DO it?

We have a little project going on and I’d love you to be part of it. Grab your smart phone or camcorder and join us!

What I need from you:

A video, of YOU… answering this question… in less than a minute (or just a few seconds or words!):

 “What MUTU System does/ did for me”

Maybe you can answer this question while doing your favourite MUTU move?

Maybe your family can do the move with you?

So far we’ve received funny words, emotionally moving words, an entire family doing their MUTU squats and one Mama has even sung us a song! However you choose to film your answer the aim is to show to the world what MUTU System is, and above all how it has made you feel.

We want to inspire and show the mothers of the world how DO-ABLE it is to regain core body strength and body confidence after pregnancy and child birth with MUTU System. Even a very long time after pregnancy and childbirth… ;)

Turn your phone on its side to film in widescreen... like this

Turn your phone on its side to film in widescreen… like this

How to film, upload and send me your video

  • Check that your camera, phone or laptop is set to its highest quality video settings
  • Make sure you are clearly audible! Make sure your camera or lap top microphone is turned on.
  • Ask a friend to film you or position the camera on a stable surface with you (the subject) in clear view. Ideally film at eye level but most importantly make sure you can be seen and try not to cut your head out of the picture:)
  • Record in widescreen if possible. If you are using a phone, turn it on it’s side (landscape)!
  • Around 30 seconds is ideal please.

Upload the video to www.wetransfer.com

  • Click the and button to open the file browser. Use this window to select the file you have copied onto your computer.
  • Write [email protected] into the ‘friend’s email address’ box
  • Write your own email address into the ‘your email address’ box.
  • Use the message box if you would like to include some information about yourself!
  • Finally, click ‘Transfer’ and leave it until it tells you the transfer is complete!

I need your video by the 7th January 2013 please! So grab your phone or your camcorder, a child or friend or partner to film you… and tell me… What did MUTU System ever do for YOU?? :)