I’d love you to meet Suzanne Scott-Edwards, certified MUTU Pro™ and pre and postnatal Fitness Instructor. We asked Suzanne for the lowdown on what it means to be a MUTU Pro, how certifying has changed her business and personal life for the better, and how much of an impact it’s had one the growth of her business. She’s also shared with us how Mutu System helped in her own postnatal recovery.

By Suzanne Scott Edwards – Certified MUTU Pro

I was a MUTU customer for two years before becoming a MUTU Pro. I knew that it worked! I found MUTU System in August of 2014, about 8 weeks after having twins. I had a 4 finger diastasic recti, and my doctor told me my only option was surgery. I was devastated, lost, and felt completely alone with this new strange body that I thought looked awful. I started researching and was fortunate to come across MUTU System. I started the program and for me, it took a bit longer than 12 weeks. I completed the 12 week program in 7 months, but at the end of that time, I felt strong and functional and my body felt like my own again. I no longer peed when I ran, in fact, I can still remember the exact day in March that I went for a run and didn’t pee. It was a good day! I was able to close my diastasis down to about a 1.5 and my waist size actually returned to pre-pregnancy size. I experienced such amazing results and I wanted to share and help other moms do the same.

5 Minute Q + A

What’s your business? I am the Owner and Founder of AlphaMamas Coaching, specializing in pre and postnatal fitness, including holistic training to gain strength, function and fitness through core exercises, my postpartum run clinic, high intensity workouts, heavy lifting, natural movement and nutrition.

“I had no clients, no studio, no website and no marketing strategy.”

How has being MUTU Pro™ changed your business? I launched my business only 2 months before becoming a MUTU Pro. The timing was actually impeccable. I had decided in November of 2015 to pursue my passion for fitness and postnatal care after going through a long journey of healing due to my twin pregnancy. So, I studied for and received two fitness certifications in early 2016. I received my pre and postnatal specialization in March of 2016. I was already a MUTU System customer and intended on focusing my business on postpartum women to help them in the way that I had received help. And, in that same month of March, MUTU System announced the first ever training to become certified to teach MUTU System as a MUTU Pro. I was beyond thrilled. I signed up right away and immediately began planning my brand new business around my upcoming MUTU Pro certification. I went through MUTU Pro training starting from ground zero. I had NO CLIENTS, NO STUDIO, NO WEBSITE AND NO MARKETING STRATEGY. But, I had passion and a dream. I learned so much at the training, both substantively to assist in my postnatal fitness training, and business wise. Wendy gave us some wonderful guidance on how to incorporate MUTU into our own businesses and brand. We also had training on how to get clients. That part was huge for me. I got home and hit the ground running. I created my website, and was able to add an additional page to the site linking to the MUTU system programs. MUTU gave us Pro’s some great “wording” to use on our websites, as well as links, banners, email templates and lots of other resources to really get us started with marketing. MUTU System basically helped me to launch my business. I have created my own programs and my own classes with my own branding, but being able to add the “certified MUTU Pro” label to my classes has added unbelievable value. Moms need the information and fitness approach that MUTU provides. I love that I get to offer my clients the BEST postpartum workout on the market. And, Moms talk to other moms! The word of mouth about MUTU and me as a MUTU Pro has spread throughout my region and I get several calls from current clients referrals who have recommended about my services. All the moms want the “MUTU classes”! There are so many programs out there now, and having the prestigious “certified MUTU Pro” title has really set me apart in my local industry.

“MUTU has contributed significantly to my family’s income, and I only work on a part time basis.”

What made you want to become a MUTU Pro? Given my own experience going through the MUTU Pro program I jumped at the chance to become a certified as soon as the training was announced. I saw it as a quality program that I could confidently teach my clients knowing they could achieve very good results. I also saw it as a very lucrative business opportunity to allow me some flexibility in my work life so I could stay home with my twins and work part time. I was right on both accounts. MUTU has contributed significantly to my family’s income, and I only work on a part time basis. My clients are greatly benefitting from getting hands-on attention from a MUTU Pro who can guide them through the MUTU exercises in person.

“Being able to add the ‘Certified MUTU Pro’ label to my classes has added unbelievable value.”

How has your expertise impacted how you support your clients now? Having the knowledge of MUTU System is better than my other three pre and postnatal specializations combined! MUTU System is truly in a class by itself. The information I gained in my mainstream, generic specialty programs just scratches the surface and offers a few “safe” exercises for moms. But MUTU offers a holistic approach to healing postpartum issues, including fitness, core restoration, pelvic floor strength, high intensity workouts and nutrition. The content MUTU offers has allowed me to help moms from all fitness backgrounds, from completely sedentary moms to hard-core cross fit moms who feel the need to sweat at every workout. The expertise and width and breadth of MUTU System has enabled me to offer the BEST postpartum, complete program.

“I have made back my initial investment and quite a bit more!”

What kind of impact has MUTU Pro had on the growth of your business? Over half of my clients now are MUTU-related clients. The MUTU word is spreading and moms are seeking out in-person Pros to help maximize their MUTU system experience. I have made back my initial investment and quite a bit more! In fact, I am taking my family do Disneyland this spring paid for by my “little” part-time AlphaMamas Fitness bank account. MUTU had a lot do with generating the income. I’m so grateful that I am apart of the MUTU Pro community. It is the best of both worlds – a quality program that actually works, and a wonderful business opportunity that is profitable!

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