The tired mama! I think everyone knows what I’m talking about and can relate.

One word that always comes to mind for me when I’m thinking about motherhood is exhaustion. The feeling of exhaustion for me personally is why I’m done having children.

black and white photo of woman hugging her child in a field

This is just for me personally, but I don’t function as a human when I am sleep deprived and I’m pretty sure I was deprived for years. This is what happens when you have three babies in just a little shy of five years. I wouldn’t change my motherhood story for the world, but I am also 100% comfortable saying that I am done having children simply because I need sleep. That right there for me is a very logical and acceptable response when people ask me if I am going to try one more time for a boy.

It recently dawned on me

A few weeks ago I was exhausted myself. You see even when you start getting sleep there will be different things about motherhood that will leave you feeling exhausted. There was one particular day that a few things happened. I was the mom witnessing things from the outside. I saw a mom snap at her child out of frustration. I never judge because I am the mom who snaps at my girls sometimes too. I get it! What I really want to do is give that mama a hug and invite her over for coffee. I saw another mom that day struggling to get her kids into the school. Both hands full and everything was so messy. I get that too! Some days I am doing school drop off braless and a hot freaking mess. It happens! Then that evening while stuck in traffic I saw the mom in front of me rest her head in her hand and close her eyes for a few seconds every time we would come to a stop. I see you mamas and I feel you too!

Us moms do a lot!

On this particular day, it got me thinking about how much us moms do. How much others expect of us, and often how much we expect from ourselves. It’s so overwhelming. So many different factors and situations too! The working mom, the stay-at-home mom, the mom who has a deployed husband, the woman who is struggling with mental health and feels like she is barely keeping it together. I see you, ALL of you!

This day made me feel sad for myself, I’m not sure if that is a good or bad thing or if it’s even normal. It made me reflect on how exhausted I was myself. On the flip side, it encouraged me to know that I was not alone! This motherhood journey was never intended to be done alone, yet I find myself doing it by myself over and over again. My two biggest reason being that my husband is in the military and work takes him away from home a lot and it’s also always first on the priority list – not always by choice! The second is that I am terrible at asking for help. I think a lot of mamas can relate to this one. We are expected to have it all together and often we think it will look like a weakness if we ask for help. I want to see that change!

You are not alone

I’m sharing this with you because I want you to know that you are not alone in this journey even though some days it feels very lonely. There are so many seasons of motherhood and some will be harder than others, and some you won’t want to see go! Please remember that we are in this together, when you see a mama struggling; lend a helping hand or maybe just a hug! Get comfortable at asking for help, because I promise you it really does take a village! Stay strong mama and surround yourself with people who will lift you up, walk beside you and listen when you need it the most!

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Ashley x