Before I had my babies, I had visions of a beautiful and serene scene, where everything was calm and I had that ‘glow’ feeding my new baby, without a care in the world… Hmmmm.

For many moms, reality soon hits and so do a whole load of symptoms that sometimes don’t go away for months or even years after giving birth.

So I wanted to give you a heads up / guide to your postpartum body on a few things I wish I’d known, before you get to the postpartum part!

It’s not a race to get back into your favourite pre-baby skinny jeans. I mean seriously. Maternity trousers are comfy… there’s no rush! There seems to be huge emphasis on getting back into shape after having babies. The truth is, if you rush back too quickly and do exercises your body isn’t strong enough to handle, you could be causing more damage than good.

Crunches won’t flatten your tummy. No matter how hard you crunch or plank, you’re not going to make your weak core stronger. You need specific, gentle, core restoring exercises to really rebuild strength and flatten your tummy properly after pregnancy.

You don’t just ‘put up with’ symptoms just because you gave birth to and grew a human. There’s a common misconception among moms that this is as good as it gets now that you’re a mom. Simply not true. Leaking, back ache, a weak and unstable core are all symptoms that can and should be addressed, not just accepted as the norm.

Self care should be prioritised. As a mother, It’s easy to put your own health and wellbeing at the bottom of the list. The first step to recovery after having babies is understanding that self care and self love is not selfish, it’s essential in your recovery, and vital if you want to be the best mama you can be.

Surgery is not always the only solution. There’s so much you can do to reduce the pressure causing issues such as Diastasis Recti, Hernia, Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Incontinence. Always follow your medical care providers guidance first and foremost.

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