My dear friend and Harley Street Weight Loss Expert, Sandra Roycroft-Davis, explains how Slimpod works and how 95% of people in her clinical trials lost weight compared to 95% of people who don’t lose weight on diets. 

Some things just work. Like getting more sleep, reducing stress, walking outside every day and eating the right food makes you look and feel better. It works. Not always easy to make a reality, but it does work. Clinically proven solution The Slimpod Program by Thinking Slimmer is one of these things.

It is a sad fact of our culture that many, many women have a relationship with food that doesn’t nourish their body or their soul.

More than 15 years of personal training and health coaching experience has shown me that rationally ‘simple’ solutions or strategies are often anything but ‘easy’. Not by a long shot. This might be you. Always on, or about to go on, a diet. Often struggling to make healthy food choices when unhealthy ones feel more comforting or more like a treat. Overeating, binge eating or obsessing over the scales or the latest diet craze.

You may be trying to follow an exercise regime, and you may identify with these feelings, knowing they are stopping you from getting where you want to be and seeing the results as fast as you would like. You’re working out, you’re putting in the effort, but you know your food choices are stopping you from really seeing results.

I have strategies and guidelines and I can coach and motivate and encourage, but sometime the *food thing*, runs too deep for me to help you completely tackle it, certainly through the impersonal ether of the Internet…

Sandra + me with my happy toothed kids last year!

Sandra + me with my gappy toothed kids last year!

And this is where the genius of Sandra Roycroft-Davis comes in. Sandra is a Harley Street behavioural change specialist, and founder of the clinically proven and medically endorsed Slimpod programme. She has spent years studying the psychology of eating and weight control and is a member of the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on Obesity. Doctors and nurses in hospitals in the UK are using and recommending her programme – one consultant psychiatrist even calls it ‘profound and life-changing’. Sandra’s also become a very dear friend. Seriously, I trust this woman.

It sounds far too simple and inexpensive to really work. You put your earphones in for 10 minutes every night, listen to the soothing and relaxing download, and drop off to sleep. After a short time you find your relationship with food has changed for the better. You don’t want to over-eat, you find yourself choosing healthier foods without feeling deprived and stopping eating when you’re full. You want to eat good food, and you want to exercise. Pretty cool. No counting, weighing, diets, surgery, fasting, points, funny drinks, misery or deprivation.

Thousands of women are experiencing lasting, effortless weight loss with a Slimpod. And you already know the worldwide medical endorsement  of MUTU System for restoring your core and pelvic floor function, as well as all-over strength and fitness.

When Slimpod and MUTU are used together – your Mommy Mojo is unstoppable!

Fat loss without deprivation, diets or hang ups PLUS a fit, strong, sexy body that makes you feel truly confident inside and out.

For the record, I am frequently asked to recommend or partner with products and brands, but decline pretty much everything that arrives in my inbox. The reason is that unless I would  personally and without reservation recommend something to my friends and clients, unless I have seen it work and feel with absolute integrity that it genuinely offers safe healthy real results…  I won’t get involved. But this product is so non-invasive, so effective, gentle, and such amazing good value… it was easy.

Head over to grab this amazing product now and change your relationship with food and sugar for life. 

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