You’ve spent months growing and carrying a baby round and now you’re ready to get back to your badass self again! You want to feel fit, healthy and in control of how your body looks, works and feels.

That’s AWESOME and I am behind you 100%. BUT there are a few rules I need you to be aware of before you rush back to the gym, full speed.

#1 First and foremost, has your doctor given you the all clear to exercise after giving birth? The general advice is a minimum of 6 weeks for an uncomplicated vaginal birth or at least 10 weeks following a c-section or birth complications. Always seek medical approval from your doctor before starting any exercise program after childbirth.

#2 There’s no rush and it’s not a race. Now, it’s more important than ever to focus on your own recovery and accepting that it might take a little time to get back to where you want to be. Believe me when I say, slow and steady is best here. Take the time to slowly and properly rebuild your strength in your core and pelvic floor and your body will thank you in the long run.

#3 Don’t jump back into intensive high impact exercises too quickly. There will likely be a lot of exercises your body isn’t strong enough to cope with right now, and it’s important you help your body rebuild foundations first before embarking on this type of exercise. Take it steady with safe, gentle exercise designed specifically for postpartum women.

#4 Don’t ignore warning signs. Your body is kinda clever in that it gives you signals when something isn’t right, don’t ignore these and don’t bury your head in hope that they’ll go away. Things like leaking, doming of your stomach, feeling unstable and an aching back are all signs that something isn’t quite right and you should stop whatever it is that’s bringing symptoms on.

#5 Nurture your body with clean, nutritious and real foods that will help you to recover more effectively. Avoid processed and refined foods, these will only hinder your recovery. Check out these body healing foods you should be including in your diet.

REMEMBER: Your body took all that time to grow your baby, it’s going to need a little nurturing, time and TLC to recover properly and rebuild strength and fitness. And that’s totally okay, normal and fine. Give your body a little break, be kind to yourself and make time for self love.

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