It’s a funny thing motherhood. Brilliant, beautiful and rewarding, BUT it can be challenging, lonely and disconnecting.

It’s perhaps the biggest shift we experience as women. We go through puberty, which can be quite frankly terrifying (if we haven’t been given the guidance we need as a young girl), but we soon get into the groove, with our womanly curves and monthly visit from Aunt Flow.

And then, at some point we might get pregnant and a whole load of other stuff comes our way, but we embrace it, because we’re cooking a baby in there… And we’re blowing our own minds at just how awesome we are because of it.

We might feel like we’re losing a bit of ourselves during pregnancy, things are changing rapidly. Marks might appear and our shape is absolutely changing as our body prepares to birth our beautiful baby.

Then birth comes, and no matter how it happens, you truly feel like a badass! You totally just bought a human into the world. You might not feel like it now, but when you look back at this achievement, you get to forever feel like a Goddess. Somehow, Mother Nature has a knack of helping us forget the parts that didn’t feel so goddess like… ;-)

Now the weeks post-birth follow and your body is very different to how it was pre-pregnancy. It might not be functioning as you want it to, it might not look like ‘you’ or feel like ‘you’.

FYIthis is totally normal for the weeks after birth, so if you’re there right now, don’t panic. Chill and enjoy your gorgeous newborn, eat well and walk daily if you can.

You might be some years postpartum though, and still feeling that disconnect from your body and that isn’t okay. That connection shouldn’t fade just because you’ve become a mother. Your body has been through a lot and it’s taken time to get to this point but it doesn’t mean we stop talking to it and listening to it.

For many women, their disconnect becomes so great, they completely cut off all channels of communication with their body. They ignore it, stop nurturing it, stop giving it the time and energy it needs, and the saddest part, they stop trusting it, because they feel like their body has let them down.

The thing is though, underneath everything that’s going with your body, it’s capable of the most amazing things. Not to mention the growing a human part, it has the capability of healing in the most wonderful way. BUT this healing cannot take place if you’ve stopped talking and listening to your body and if that body and mind connection has fizzled out.

The secret to healing postpartum (and this might be weeks, months or years on) is trusting your own body and helping it to heal. This is done through mindful movement, through nurturing it with healing and nourishing foods, and prioritising time to work on ‘Project You’.

By giving our own body this trust and time, we make the healing journey a whole lot easier.

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