We couldn’t wait to share MUTU Mama Vicki’s story with you. After baby number six Vicki is kissing goodbye to panty liners, back pain and unwanted symptoms after completing the MUTU System Program.


Hi! My name is Vicki and I am a stay at home mother to 6 little monkeys! My oldest is 10 and my youngest is now 6 months old.

I have been struggling with diastasis recti since after my 4th pregnancy. I have tried everything to fix it including physical therapy, pilates and belly binding. I never got the results that I wanted and I was frustrated. After I had my 6th baby I was disgusted with how I looked. I decided that nothing was going to fix my postpartum body and I was going to have to live with peeing myself and having a big belly. One day I was online shopping for high waisted jeans to help hide my belly when I stumbled upon a Facebook event that Ashley was hosting. She promised to educated us about why our postpartum body isn’t working and how to get it properly working again. I was interested and decided to attend. I believe I sat through the entire workshop with my mouth open wide because I was amazed that Ashley was describing EXACTLY the problems I was having and that I could fix them if I just put in the work and trusting the MUTU System. I was sold instantly.

My symptoms before starting MUTU were:

– very little bladder control

– sore back

– a large belly that looked pregnant :(

– loss of feeling during intercourse

I loved that the program was easy to fit into my hectic schedule. Having 6 kids leaves little time to workout but MUTU gave me a great workout that I could do quickly while the kids were napping or after they went to bed at night. I also loved that it was challenging enough to make me feel like I accomplished something but not so difficult that I never wanted to do it again.  It doesn’t matter what your fitness level is, how many babies you’ve had or how much weight you want to lose, EVERYONE can do this program and EVERYONE can have results like I did

After completing the MUTU program I no longer pee myself when I sneeze, cough or jump (goodbye panty liners!!) My back pain is completely gone. My pregnant looking belly has decreased drastically and I’m starting to see my ab muscles toning up!! Speaking of toning up, the MUTU program made my butt perky again, my legs have definition and my arms are stronger than they’ve ever been. MUTU helped strengthen my pelvic floor and intercourse has become much more enjoyable! I am so much happier and confident now that I completed the program.

“I am able to run and play with my kids when before I would just watch because I was afraid I’d pee myself.”

I didn’t expect MUTU to tone my entire body but it sure did. I worked every muscle in my body to have a complete transformation rather than just a smaller belly. I also didn’t expect to start loving working out.  I’m definitely happier now that I’ve completed MUTU. I am able to run and play with my kids when before I would just watch because I was afraid I’d pee myself. I know that my kids have seen the change in me because they have made comments that “Fun mom is back” and that they are so happy that I’m not always ‘too tired to play’ anymore!

MUTU didn’t just change me physically, it gave me my life back. If you are on the fence about starting the program, get off the fence and start! There’s nothing to lose! If i can do it with 6 kids, anyone can!!



The MUTU System is a medically recommended exercise and recovery program with step-by-step instructions and exercises that only take 15 to 20 minutes, that will help you strengthen your core and pelvic floor, lose weight, and feel confident and sexy again.