Did you know that there’s enough fat in a pizza to fill a wine glass?

Or up to 17 cubes of sugar in a fizzy drink?

This new ad for the NHS Change 4 Life campaign gives us some pretty hideous facts like these about the nasty stuff that’s hidden in the processed foods and drinks that many families eat regularly. It’s pretty gross :(

Apart from enjoying the flavour of simple, clean, unadulterated food; I guess it’s knowing all this stuff about NASTIES that means I really don’t really want, or miss, junk. I know what it would do to my body… and it tastes grim… so I choose to eat and drink stuff (for the most part!) that treats my taste buds and my body with respect.

I really think ads like these, shown at a prime-time slot during Corrie, have a good shot at informing people better so they can make considered choices.

The hope is that this campaign might actually save a few folks from diseases linked to poor nutrition… and maybe even help disarm the obesity time bomb that’s a real concern in this country.

That’s a positive step, in my view. What do you think?