When you really love your sport or hobby, it can feel like the world has ended when your body isn’t able to cope with certain exercises since you gave birth. Rebuilding the foundations and strength, slowly and properly, with the support of your fitness instructor or trainer is imperative to effective and sustainable recovery post-baby. When you feel ready to return to doing higher impact exercise, here’s some top tips from our MUTU Pro, Bill Bitz…

Bill is a certified MUTU Pro, specialising in weightlifting and functional fitness. He lives and works in Orlando, Florida where he runs Busy Life Fitness, working with postpartum women to help them strengthen their core and pelvic floor and reach their postpartum fitness and recovery goals.

Top 5 tips for Functional Fitness and Weightlifting Moms

TIP #1 Be aware of your core engagement through the whole lift. Many moms engage their core during the actual lift and tend to relax once the weight is up. Remember to keep core engagement from the lift all the way to putting it back down.

TIP #2 Don’t be too proud to scale the weights or exercises. There is no need to do box jumps, double under jump rope, or go too heavy if your body isn’t quite ready. I understand that things can get competitive in the gym or on a weightlifting platform.

TIP #3 Know your alternative exercises. A lot of functional fitness gyms have some very extreme core exercises as part of the WOD most of these are not suitable options for you or your healing core. Make sure that you have a couple of your MUTU System exercises ready to substitute.

TIP #4 Don’t be afraid to let your coach know about your DR or Pelvic floor dysfunction. Chances are your coach has NO idea what either of those is. If you make them aware of it they will allow you to scale without giving you any attitude. Maybe you might even cause them to do some research and have alternative exercises for you in the future.

TIP #5 Remember your alignment. When setting up for a lift I take my time and run down a checklist which includes your proper alignment. Feet hip width apart, push through your heels on a deadlift or squat. If you have barefoot or minimal drop shoes wear them when lifting.

IMPORTANT: Don’t move on to high impact exercise until your body is ready to do so. Stick with the MUTU System, DR safe workouts and core exercises to ensure you have built a strong and stable foundation to help you to progress back to the movements, sport, and hobbies you love.

Not sure if you’re ready? Check out this article on ‘when to move on’.

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