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Professionals in the health or wellness industry, super-fit personal trainers or ripped Crossfit instructors, Yogis emanating Karmic serenity from the front of class, beautifully poised Pilates teachers, even medical Doctors… we all think we know what our clients want.

We practice what we preach, we can lift heavy, execute perfect technique, run, headstand and push-up. Hey, we make this look good. Our client is impressed. Inspired. She’s fascinated by our nutritional science knowledge, focussed on form, committed to the lifestyle changes and the routine.

She wants washboard abs, a ‘strong core’, shapely arms and faster legs, and we can help her get there.

Or… does she? She’ll go along with all that for your benefit, but what she actually wants, given half the chance to tell you, is:

“I want to feel sexy again”
“I want to feel good about myself”
“I want to run around with my kids without getting tired + without leaking”
“I want to accept myself”
“I just want everything down there to work, and to feel like it used to”
“I want my partner to find me attractive”
“I don’t want to feel fat and frumpy”

These are real, direct quotes from new MUTU System customers. And every one is about how she feels. Not how she looks in a bikini, what advanced yoga posture she can achieve, not the numbers on the scale, tape or stopwatch, and not her ability to reach either HIIT endorphins or meditative bliss.

We need to shift our focus, because we’re measuring the wrong things and setting our goals to suit our industry mindset, not her real-life ones.

After a decade and a half of working with women who have babies, I have gotten a lot closer to what she really needs:


Right now your client doesn’t feel in control of her body, she doesn’t like the way it looks or reacts, she may feel betrayed or angry. She needs to get reconnected, emotionally as well as physically, and [Insider Top Tip spoiler alert] none of your motivational strategies or gym-honed core engaging techniques are going to work until she does.


Validated that the way she feels right now, the way her body is right now, is normal and that its OK. She needs to know that she is not alone, that her body has performed miraculous things, that she will heal and get strong. But in the meantime she is heard and she is good enough.


To be given information and strategies that make sense, that are actionable right away, and that show her she is the proud owner of her own body. Sure, she needs your motivation, your techniques and meticulously executed moves, but delivered with kindness as well as a healthy handover of power.

More than 20,000 women worldwide have downloaded or experienced MUTU System programs since I created the very first version in 2010. By listening, learning and studying, as well as coaching and teaching, I have learned a lot about what women really need, and how I can serve them better.

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I have compiled my personal go-to list of courses, books and resources that have educated and inspired me over the years. These are the teachers, authors, professionals and practitioners who teach and stretch me to keep learning. The most progressive and generous education resources, the books I keep returning to, the blogs I read, the business and personal development mentors I rely on, even my recommendation for the best book to gift your new Mom clients!

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