If you had never worked out or got sweaty before, and you checked out social media sites for some motivation and inspiration, you’d find pictures of lean, muscular, glistening tanned bodies, flat abs, high firm booties, perky breasts and flawless thighs. 

You know the images I mean. I won’t post one – you know what those pictures look like because you’re bombarded with them every day, on every billboard, social media site, subway and magazine ad.

‘Cool!’ you think – ‘I’ll have a piece of what she’s got!’ So you grab your t-shirt and your baggy leggings and go lift, run and bootcamp your way to gorgeousness. Awesome!

So hows that workin’ out for you? Because me? Well I don’t look like that when I workout – I look like this.

11188494_890505130991331_9152072584275732269_nThis is me after running today. Looking… you know… SMOKIN’.

I know you’ll probably find it hard to believe, but this is with no filters! No photoshop! Even the snot wiped on my tank is real. I really am this gorgeous when I work out.

My glamour and fitspo hot-ness shines through when I row too. And yes, the type of rowing I do is sponsored by a brewery. Not kimchi. Beer.

I do sometimes get treated to professional makeup, nice lighting and exhaustive editing (but never photoshop, incidentally) – so I look all perky and shiny in my videos and for press coverage. I love looking all glam and girly and scrubbed-up sometimes.

But this is the real workout version. Sweating is rarely pretty.

So if those oily, ripped, zero-body-fat bodies you see on Pinterest inspire you, then knock yourself out with Fitspo. But if they make you feel bad, not good-enough or disheartened? Walk away Honey.

They’re mostly not even real. Heavily photoshopped and altered, filtered, fancy lighting, lots of oil and shading… Not a great deal of food.

And if you are lean, ripped, perky and flawless? Well then respect and love, Ma’am, you look flippin’ fabulous. We all do.

Body shaming is shameful, whichever direction its coming from.


I think we ALL look pretty damn cool when our bodies are working hard. And if my pics give you a giggle and make you more concerned with how you’re moving than how you look… You’re welcome.

And PS. THIS is why I’m in running training. Please, please help if you can!