We were over the moon to be selected as a finalist in the Made For Mums Awards ‘Hero Health Product’ Category. We were up against some stiff competition and are now the proud owners of a ‘Made for Mums Finalist’ badge of honour!

One of the other big winners got us thinking though…

An incontinence product, a pad for Confidence when you leak was voted high in the same category. Clearly many, many women see pads to catch the leaks as an essential part of their daily reality. It makes me sad and mad to see leaking so normalised, because it really doesn’t need to be. Of course, as an interim strategy while you heal, Tena pads and similar may have a place, and the company provides a wealth of truly valuable products and services for short term recovery or healing, for seniors and for care facilities… but a ‘hero product’ for the average Mom? That’s a little worrying.

It’s worrying that so many women see incontinence pads as their long term, accepted solution to a weak pelvic floor after childbirth. MUTU System is a program that helps women address the problem of leaking in a holistic way, so that you can get functional and strong again, and not need to, well… soak up the pee in a pad!

Pads are not a solution to the problem. It’s like the bandaid for the pelvic floor. Yes, the pad will stop your knickers from getting wet, but it does nothing to address the lack of optimal function and strength that are causing the issue.

And worse, promoting and accepting pads as an inevitable necessity for women in their 30’s, 40’s or 50’s, implies that stress or urge incontinence are simply ‘minor embarrassments’ to put up with. We believe healthy adult women deserve better.

What Pads CANNOT and WILL NOT Ever Do.

  • Stop you from leaking when you laugh, sneeze, jump or (insert any exercise here).
  • Give a woman back her self confidence and mojo!
  • Enable a woman to feel sexy
  • Address the warning signs your body is giving you when something isn’t right.
  • Strengthen your pelvic floor
  • Help prevent further pelvic health issues such as pelvic organ prolapse and painful sex

What women, the media and health professionals MUST open their eyes to.

In order to help a woman to feel good about herself, we need to address the root of the problem. Leaking is just a symptom (a particularly unpleasant one). It’s your body’s way of letting you know that something isn’t right, and it may have been telling you that for some time.

Addressing this problem requires everyone, the media, health and fitness professionals, medical care providers and women everywhere, to refuse to accept a leaky undercarriage as the norm. The normalisation of incontinence is out of control, adverts are continually spreading the message that a pad is as good as it gets now that you’ve had kids and/or you’re ‘getting older’. Fitness instructors aren’t giving their clients enough guidance on how to properly train and recover after having children. I was horrified to learn that a friend of mine attended a class where pads were being offered out for women who leak when they jump. REAL STORY!

We need to talk about it more, accept there’s a problem and tackle it head on. But women need the support of other women, and professionals around them.

What Women REALLY Need…

To stop masking the problem with pads.

To accept that leaking isn’t okay and does not have to be something you put up with.

To properly strengthen their pelvic floor using specific exercises and alignment adjustments.

To be given proper guidance and advice from medical professionals and those in the health and fitness industry.

Want to find out how MUTU System can help you to stop embarrassing symptoms once and for all? 96% of women* in our NNUH NHS Clinical Trial saw improvement in bladder weakness after 6 weeks. Put the pads away and jump, sneeze and run without leaking. Check out our clinically proven program here and get results!

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*SOURCE: Norfolk and Norwich NHS University Hospital Trial