I love a birth story!

Most people deliver all of their children in the same hospital with the same OB every single time…not the military spouse though! I have had 2 babies in Germany (different cities) and completely different assignments, then one baby in the USA! My first baby, Mckinley, our Big Red One (1ID) baby, was born in Schweinfurt, Germany (2008) in a German hospital. I will never forget that day! Nothing like having a language barrier when you are trying to have your first child, lol!

Mckinley Elizabeth August 2008, Schweinfurt German

My second baby Madison is our 82nd Airborne baby, born in Fayetteville, NC (2010).
Fort Bragg is a place that we considered our second home. My husband’s Army career started there and we spent a lot of time there over the years.

Baby #3 Monroe was another German baby, this time a little Dragoon (2CR) baby, born in Weiden, Germany (2012). Another experience I will never forget! I have to tell you the story… I was scheduled for a cesarean with Monroe in the German hospital. Long story short my spinal block didn’t work so they had to put me completely out with anaesthesia.

Madison Abigail March 2010, Fayetteville, NC

Therefore my husband had to leave the room and wait for the nurse to come to tell him the outcome of everything. I will never forget waking up to the story my husband had to tell me. Like most men, my husband wanted a baby boy so bad! He just knew that the ultrasounds were wrong and that Monroe was going to be a boy… Well due to the language barrier when the nurse brought the baby to Mike (while I was still in the OR) she handed the baby over and said “congratulations on your beautiful baby boy”. You can imagine the excitement my husband had when he received this news…that the girl was actually a boy! He said “what…BOY?” The nurse then shook her head and said I’m sorry I mean girl….poor guy!

So those are my birthplaces. I would love to hear where your military brats were born and the experiences you had!

Monroe Isabel November 2012, Weiden Germany

How do you name your baby

I often get oh cool you have all M’s. Funny thing is, that was not intended at all it just happened that way. All of my girls are named after Presidents. We are so patriotic we just can’t help ourselves…sorry! In the beginning, this was also done unintentionally. All of the names I had picked out for a girl were Presidents. I liked Kennedy, Reagan, Madison and obviously, Mckinley when pregnant with our first baby. My husband asked what my thing was with all of these Presidents. I said I have no clue. So that day we decided if we had girls they would be named after presidents and if we had boys they would be named after Generals. We both thought it was fun and unique! I always fought for a Lincoln for my girls, but my husband would never agree. So if any of you can’t find a name for your baby Lincoln is a great choice!

I always felt like picking out a name was such a huge decision! I mean it’s so permanent! I highly recommend having a name picked out before the baby is born. I wanted to wait and see what Monroe looked like before we decided. My other girls had names picked out before and that was so much easier for me. The big day came and there was so much pressure and I was so out of it… so for 2 days, her name tag said “Madchen” meaning girl in German. That was not fun for me.

Post a comment below to let us know where your babies were born and how you came up with their names. 👇👇👇