We really like the Whole Mamas website – it is an online roadmap to guide you through motherhood. They create lots of excellent content from experts, research and offer community support.

Their blog and their podcast are both well worth following!

We were thrilled to be asked to write a guest article for the Whole Mama website.

Rehabbing Core and Pelvic Floor Postpartum

I am a mom to my three presidents, Mckinley(10), Madison (9) and Monroe(6), a military wife of 15 years and an advocate for women and their health. Just like you, I was a mom on the other side of the computer screen–overwhelmed and desperately searching for answers on how to heal my postpartum body with no idea where to start.

All of my girls arrived via c-section and my doctor cleared me at my six week checkup to go back to “normal activity.” I did exactly that every time, desperately trying to fit into my jeans and lose the 60 pounds I had gained. My exercise routine included running a few miles and then doing 100 crunches right before I hopped in the shower. I was suffering from symptoms due to my pelvic floor dysfunction but I wrote them off as “normal” postpartum issues that I didn’t have answers for. Read more of my story here.

I finally got answers when I discovered an online program called MUTU System. I found out that I had a 3.5 finger diastasis recti and discovered that the symptoms I had been suffering with for six years were related to my core and pelvic floor dysfunction. The program changed my life so drastically that I become certified to teach the program. Now that I’m trained in postpartum fitness, I would never recommend new moms start with the exercises that I was doing postpartum!  A few years after becoming MUTU certified, along with Wendy Powell the founder of MUTU, I launched an outreach program to specifically serve military women.

Want to read more? You can see the full article on the Whole Mamas Website.

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