MUTU System can’t fix you and I don’t try to. Empowering you is a lot more effective.

When we’ve got a problem, mostly, we’re looking to fix it. Sometimes we need the solution just there, ready-to-go, sometimes we just need a little more information, and sometimes we actually don’t expect to have it fixed for us at all, we just want someone to listen.

When it comes to our bodies, unfortunately, the ‘just fix it’ solution is rare. I think we all know by now that no diet *just works* by instant magic formula. Weight loss comes by consistently making healthier food choices over time. Want to run a marathon or a 10K? Probably going to have to do some running to get ready for that, then.

Doesn’t stop us looking for the quick fix version though does it? The next diet, exercise craze or juice that just *makes it happen*… like really, really quickly? Enthusiastically, full of hope and against all better judgment, we’re in.

A lot of women come to MUTU because they want fixing. But I can’t fix you. I can empower you – with information, understanding, motivation, guidance, even a ‘prescription’ of adjustments, changes and solutions that will get you where you want to be. I can explain what’s gone on in your body, I can explain how the way you move, stretch and even breathe affects how your body looks and feels, then I can guide and show you changes to make and movements that will help.

That is, they’ll help if you do them regularly, consistently, and over time.

I hear your frustration. I do.

Q 1: “But I just don’t get the breathing”.

Q 2: “Am I engaging my muscles right?”

Q 3: “How am I supposed to walk?”

Q 4: “Can’t you just give me the alignment thing? Like, in a sentence?”


A 1: Breathe into the back of your ribcage, expanding sideways rather than upwards into your collarbone. Breathe out drawing your bellybutton gently inwards and keeping your pelvis untucked.

A 2: If your abs draw gently inwards, if your pelvis is untucked, unclenched and your back maintains its natural curve and your core is stable and strong, probably yes. If there is any bulging, doming, straining, protrusion, leaking or pain, no.

A 3: In minimal shoes or barefoot. Body stacked with lower ribs over pelvis not thrust out in front, pelvis untucked. Legs straight, hinge from the hip and push the ground away from underneath you spreading and pushing off from your toes and forefoot. Power from the glutes, from behind, not by lifting your bent knee out in front and falling forward. Most of all, get out of positive heeled shoes.

And A 4: No, sorry. Biomechanics is not a sentence, its a science. One could also just as easily say that its the simplest thing our bodies do if they’re allowed to: To Move. Naturally. But answers 1-3 will help get you started…

Baby steps.  Sit less, walk more. Change your shoes, get more sleep, unclench your butt, stretch, relax, eat nourishing food, drink plenty of water. The right stretches, alignment adjustments, exercises, nourishment and movement… practised consistently and mindfully (by that I mean without judgment – give your body a break and actually focus on what your body is doing while its doing it) all this stuff works. That IS the fix.

The first stage of healing and strengthening and well, FIXING, is the part where you stop, breathe and start to feel (even love a little) the body you’re so frustrated with. You won’t be the first to think that’s the woo-woo part you can safely ignore. The all-a-bit yoga-y /touchy-feely /time consuming / totally pointless part. But the irony is, nothing works until you build the foundations. It all falls down. Literally, sometimes. That’s why you might be still leaking, bulging, hurting, not looking the way you want to or just not working quite right yet.

The MUTU System program gives you all the week by week guidance, science tutorials, workouts, stretches and explanations you need.

But it doesn’t fix you. It empowers you. Which actually works a lot better :-)