We women rely on our intuition, our instincts, a lot. They serve us well and are almost always the very best signals we have to guide us when to Go and when to Stop.

Except when they’re not.  Making Big Changes can be one of these times.

Deciding that you want to feel better about the way your body feels (and looks, but feels is where it starts) marks the beginning of Making Some Big Changes. To follow MUTU programs (you know, just as an example ;-) ) and get that body, the one that you feel better about, that you feel better in, you need to change your shoes, your food, the way you walk, the way and the frequency with which you move your body. You change  eating habits, exercise habits, even sitting habits and breathing habits. And very often none of this comes without a little discomfort, both physical and emotional. When we change the way we do something, especially something as utterly basic and fundamental as the way we walk or eat or breathe, our body changes physiologically. Our brain actually changes biologically. We feel out of our comfort zone, maybe get emotional and feel odd or just plain sucky for a while. This is when what we think is instinct and gut reaction kick in and say ‘Stop! What are doing woman? This is weird and it aches a bit, I have to think too hard about it and actually it sucks. So lets stop with that right NOW and go back to the way we were before‘.

And this, Dear Friend is the maybe one time, when we need to ignore what we think is our instinct. We breathe deeply (properly. Diaphragmatically. Obviously) and we push on. Never, ever through pain (pain is bad. Stop and see your Doctor), but definitely through a little discomfort, odd-ness or even sucky-ness. Because if we want changes to happen, then we need to, y’know, do things differently. If we want big changes, we need to do quite a few things, maybe very differently, consistently and frequently over time.

Before you know it you’re out the other side – doing stuff that is your new habit, your new way of moving, eating or wearing shoes (see more on me changing my shoe habits here) and you wonder whatever all the fuss was about, and say “D**N! Look at me! I do that like this now and it feels good“!

Sucky isn’t always bad, sucky often leads to good, so hang in there, Mama.