Women’s lack of body confidence often stems from a struggle to find the motivation to change. A lack of conviction that you’re worth it, the belief you’ll never really make a difference and the consequent conviction that you can’t find or prioritise the time required.

Body confidence

Many women don’t like the way their body looks and feels after having babies. When Moms start losing their pregnancy weight and restoring their core muscles, they often find a lot more than their waistline along the way – the joy and empowerment of feeling strong and fit, renewed energy, sexual confidence and above all BODY CONFIDENCE. They learn to like their body a little bit more, and in turn they want to look after it better.

For many women, it’s not just about body image since pregnancy. Often it turns out they never liked their body very much. And the vicious circle when you don’t like something very much is that you have very little respect for it, probably no love for it and therefore… why take care of it? It’s ‘fat and ugly’, it doesn’t look good and it doesn’t make you feel good.  It doesn’t deserve healthy food or exercise to make it strong and fit. That’s for other people – skinny, ‘lucky’ people who have bodies that warrant looking after…

These same women “laugh” at themselves a lot. I use inverted commas because they don’t find it very funny really, but if they make cruel comments about themselves, then at least they said it first, right?

You don’t have to do anything about it

If you’re happy, and no woman should EVER judge another for wanting to change her body shape, or for not wanting to. If you’re happy and contented and satisfied and healthy then by all means stay as you are.

But if you’re NOT happy or contented

If you don’t like having your photo taken, you don’t feel sexually confident, you’re stressed and you’re eating crappy food that makes your body look and feel worse… then maybe its time to make a choice.

So, if this is how YOU feel, then maybe ask yourself : Do I really want to change this? Do I WANT to feel different?

If the answer is yes then the next vital step is to look at yourself in the mirror, look yourself in the eyes and decide that you deserve to feel different, and that you can take some control.

No one else controls what food goes into your body. No one else controls the choices you make. Say it to yourself, and believe it, you can ALWAYS choose. To walk faster, further, brisker and to make your heart work and your legs do what they were made to do… or to shuffle along, head down, hoping no one notices you.

Get started

There’s only one way to start. And that is just to start. TODAY, don’t eat crap food. Go for a walk, but walk twice as fast, stand up twice as tall, and go up twice as many hills as you usually do.  And that’s it! you’ve started!!

And you’ve done it TODAY. Not *tomorrow*, not after the holidays, or when your little one starts pre-school, or when it’s sunnier or when you’ve got more time (btw, you will never ‘have more time’ you can only choose how to spend it!).

Share you tips, your frustrations or your obstacles by leaving a comment below! If I can help I will and if you want to just rant or share or vent that’s fine too :)