Women's Health Physiotherapist recommends MUTU SystemI was delighted this week to be contacted by Women’s Health Physiotherapist at La Femme Physio in Kingston upon Thames, Claire Rutherford, who wrote:

“…I am a clinical specialist in Women’s Health Physiotherapy and have been reading the great work you’ve been doing and all the sound advice you’ve been giving to women.  It’s great to find a fitness professional who really does understand about the core and women’s bodies after they’ve had a baby.  Certainly in the UK the postnatal support for women isn’t great and it’s something I’m really passionate about trying to improve for mums as I’ve seen so many who just don’t know where to turn and who are really affected emotionally… ”

Claire wanted to connect, to meet and for us to be  able to confidently refer clients to each other as appropriate. It would be my absolute pleasure, Ma’am.

Claire has been added to our growing list which is proving invaluable to women needing more than an exercise program can offer – you can see detailed information on when, how and to whom to refer, when you need a Women’s Health Physiotherapist  (‘Women’s Health PT’ or ‘Pelvic Health Physical Therapist’ in the US) on our resource page here.

Claire leads her own practice La Femme Physio, taking care of women during pregnancy and postnataly for pelvic floor problems, for ‘MOT’s’ so they can get back to exercise safely post baby as well as women with musculoskeletal problems such as pelvic girdle pain.

This is what she had to say about MUTU System:

“It’s so refreshing to finally have a fitness programme that as a Women’s Health Physiotherapist I would be happy to recommend to my patients. MUTU System provides a wealth of sound, evidence-based information. It is clear that Wendy really understands the impact of pregnancy and birth on women’s bodies as well as the importance of structured exercise programmes, at the right level, with an emphasis on the core. This is so refreshing and very much needed.

So often, new mums have symptoms, feelings and sensations for which they are not prepared. As a women’s health physiotherapist I regularly see mums with back pain, pelvic floor issues (such as leaking and prolapse), as well as rectus abdominus diastasis. Understandably, mums are really keen to get back into shape after having a baby but often go down the wrong path because so little exists to support them on their safe journey back to fitness. As a result women can end up doing themselves more harm than good.

Wendy’s blogs are easy to understand and are written in a way that mums can really relate to. Her holistic approach which takes into account posture, alignment, the core and nutrition is exceptional. Her programmes are realistic, achievable, safe and effective. Wendy really knows her stuff and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending any new mums to get involved with Mutusystem and often recommend it to many of my patients.”

Claire is based at La Femme Physio in Kingston upon Thames, previously Clinical Lead Women’s Health Physiotherapist at White Hart Clinic in Barnes, at Central Health Physiotherapy in London, in the NHS at the Royal Free Hospital and Clinical Specialist in a Consultant led Postpartum clinic at University College London Hospital and full member of the Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Women’s Health (ACPWH).

For more endorsements for MUTU System from specialist Women’s Health Physiotherapists, Physical Therapists, as well as a highly respected pre/postpartum fitness educator and a bestselling author and world renowned Yogini… see our ‘What the Experts say’ page here