workout at home for women | DVD | MUTU SystemIt’s a workout at home for women – I bet you can still find an excuse though!

You’re at home, so travelling isn’t necessary – no getting in the car, or trudging out in foul weather to a class, or the gym. That’s a major motivational hurdle crushed!

All you need is yourself and little, or no, equipment. If you do have to invest in a couple of bits of kit, they will be one-off buys, rather than an ongoing expense.

You can wear a sloppy T-shirt and antique sweat pants – no one will see you, or judge you, and there is no fear of embarrassment.

If you do exercises designed for women, you won’t push your body too far, or do anything that’s counterproductive or damaging. Added to which, you’re alone, so you can be guided by your body’s limits, with no peer pressure to overdo things.

Can you think of an excuse I haven’t covered?

A workout at home for women is, for lots of ladies and especially mums, a brilliant first step towards making fitness a way of life. Not everyone is cut out for the gym or workout classes (which can be daunting or cliquey) and many prefer to exercise solo.

Of course, there are good workouts and and not so good workouts – and DVD stores are filled with plenty of the latter: celebrity fitness videos and faddy TV-show inspired routines are among the not-so-great, in my opinion.

When you’re checking out your options, first consider PROVENANCE. Who the devil developed this program and what are their credentials? Do they know what they’re talking about? Who recommends them? I don’t know about you, but I need the reassurance of being guided through exercises by an expert, not an ex-soap star!

Also, look at TIME. If the workout takes over an hour, are you realistically going to find time to do it? Programs that effectively tap into 20 mins a day work well for time-pressed women and mums. And you’re more likely to stick to it if it fits into your busy lifestyle.

When I developed the   MUTU System 12 Week Program, I looked at the every-mum and wondered how she could be cajoled into making fitness a priority – and what sort of program would help her reach her goals for strength, fitness and body confidence.

I wrote down a list of common reasons that prevent women and mums from integrating fitness into their lives. I discovered that a workout, at home, for women – one that WORKS, supports, motivates and addresses the unique makeup of women’s and mums’ bodies – was a surefire way to explode every excuse in the book.

Do you workout at home? If so, what do you do and what benefits are you seeing?