breaking the taboo | mutusystemThe MuTu Mamas Facebook Group is a secure place where women following a MuTu program can share their experiences, advice, and body confidence issues. With anonymity assured though, I thought I’d share some of the inspiration and support to be found there.

It’s a closed group and a safe space where there are no taboos about mums’ bodies. Customers are manually admitted by the team so it really is MuTu Family only! Every time a woman opens up about real problems with the way their body looks or feels, you can read *huge sighs of relief* between the lines of each comment. Whatever the postnatal body hang-up, there are a plenty of other women feeling the same way… but in any other environment we find it hard to speak up about it!

Magazines, TV programmes and movies have built a wall of silence around the reality of women’s bodies after pregnancy and childbirth. When was the last time you saw a soap character visiting their doctor about a prolapse, or complaining that sex just wasn’t the same since the littlun trashed their ladybits on its way out?

And these are supposed to be the TV shows that ‘keep it real’.

Thanks to commonly upheld myths about pregnancy and childbirth, many women are afraid to shatter the belief that a woman’s body pings back effortlessly into shape after the bump becomes a babe, effortlessly sliding back into skinny jeans within weeks.

But secretly, any of us who’ve been through pregnancy know that this is the stuff of fairytales, and reality is quite different – and less pretty.

That’s why it’s so courageous for women to share the truth about their post baby bodies – and I’m so proud of the MuTu Mamas that really open up, even posting pictures of their protruding tummies and outie belly buttons on the group Facebook page. Recently one mama did just that to remind herself why she’s doing MuTu and keep herself on track. This simple act was also an incredibly powerful way of helping other MuTu Mamas. Here’s how a few of them responded…

“I actually love seeing the pictures because I feel like I’m in the company of people who understand!”

“This is the first tummy I have seen that looks like mine.”

“I have the same problem with my stomach protruding way out.”

Mamas, we are all the same. If your body is taking its time to get back to ‘normal’ after having kids, you are certainly not alone, or a freak, or whatever you think in your darkest moments. Veto any magazine that suggests you’re up against the clock to lose baby-weight and squeeze yourself into Barbie-sized outfits.

Concentrate on getting healthy in a sensible time frame – and regaining meaningful body confidence (that’s a body that’s strong and works right, as well as looks good!)

Rushing things, launching into punishing workouts and exercise that’s not modified for mums’ bodies in their compromised state will be counterproductive and damaging!

Join us! Check out the program options here, but even if you’re yet not a MuTu Mama and you want some reassurance that the way your body looks after childbirth is *normal*, check out the wonderful Shape of a Mother website.