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Company culture is really important to us, so please read this page and follow or connect with us on social media before applying so you can get to know us a little better. We want to be sure we’re a good fit!

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Our purpose

MUTU System is a holistic program and philosophy for mothers who want to feel better in, and about their bodies. We serve women who have lost their mojo after having babies, empowering them to reconnect with their bodies to restore self-confidence and function.

We work to connect, validate and empower women to fully understand physiological changes so that they can listen to their own body and take back control of how it feels and works.

We are a global company headquartered in Cornwall UK, selling a digital online exercise program to more than 60,000 users worldwide, created by the founder, Wendy Powell.

We also license health and fitness professionals to teach MUTU System philosophy and methods. Our customer and licensee base is global, predominantly in the USA.

Our websites For all mothers (global) Our UK site For our business partners, affiliates and MUTU Pro licensees For our members only   For mothers in the Military. Serving moms and spouses, we salute you!

Our vision

We will grow the MUTU Mama global community to more than a million mothers, educating and empowering them to restore dignity, function and confidence.

MUTU System is the go-to trusted authority on postpartum recovery and self-confidence.

The MUTU Pro team of health professionals around the world will spread the word and be our ‘on the ground’ ambassadors offering personal, effective women’s restorative and fitness services to millions more.

Company culture

Everyone in this company understands that their role is crucial to the success of our shot of the MUTU System team - 7 women stood on a sandy Cornish beach with a scenic view of cliffs in the background

Our company culture is collaborative, accountable and dynamic.

We are a small team where everyone is respected and valued and takes responsibility and autonomy for their role. Many of us work virtually, individually and in different time zones.

We move fast and implement impeccably, resulting in an exciting and internationally focused company culture.

What we believe in

At MUTU System we are a stand for representation and inclusivity. Ensuring that all mothers feel empowered and welcome in our global MUTU family of hundreds of thousands of women, is at the heart of everything we do.

Every woman, no matter her background, race, ethnicity, religion, size, shape or income, has the right to feel included, to be respected and heard, to feel like she belongs and to know she is welcome.

Our website offers a vault of FREE education resources, directories for medical referral, guidance and advice to ensure this information is accessible to all.

We are passionate about women and girls’ equality, right to education and self-determination. We are a stand against all forms of abuse and discrimination, as well as patriarchal and misogynist expectations or biases. We are pro-choice and body positive.

We will continue and grow our contribution to fighting mother and child poverty, lack and abuse through our support of empowering, non-partisan grassroots women’s charities at home and abroad.

Our promise to our employees, independent contractors and partners

We cultivate a work environment that is truly dedicated to a larger vision and to making a huge impact.

You will get to be on the ground floor of something that is becoming a major force and you will get to grow and shape your role within it.

Expect autonomy within your role and respect within the team. You will never be micromanaged. You are hired for your attributes and will be given the space and resources to use them and to get the job done.

There will be ongoing opportunities for personal growth and development.

MUTU is a meritocracy – people here work hard, contribute and add value at every level. From administration through to executive, people are truly prized and rewarded in our organization.

We always give and expect open, honest, real-time feedback. Clarity and transparency are imperative.

There will be lots of variety and challenges (we always try to give you more than you can handle, but also completely respect you when you say too much!)

We provide positive reinforcement. We are a strengths-based organisation, meaning we focus on what’s working and building people up, instead of what’s wrong and tearing them down.

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MUTU System was shortlisted for The Working Mums Top Employer Awards in 2018

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MUTU System is proud to be an accredited Living Wage Employer. 

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