Compatibility + Optimizing Your Digital MUTU Experience

We’ve done some testing and recommend the following for optimized use of our website:

Viewing on your Computer

For the best user experience, we recommend visiting us on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers


Viewing on your Mobile or Tablet

We’re fully compatible with Apple and Android Devices, so if you’re having trouble viewing anything on the website, you might want to refresh the cache on your device to stop any old error messages from popping up. You can find out how to do this here.


This page doesn’t look right! | Unrecommended Browsers

If you’re using an unrecommended browser such as Internet Explorer, Opera or Dolphin, it could be the reason something doesn’t look quite right. Try switching to one of the recommended browsers listed above to improve your experience. If that doesn’t solve it and you think you’ve spotted a technical error with the website, we’d be so grateful if you could let us know by emailing a screenshot to [email protected]


Possible Video Restrictions

Our videos are hosted on Vimeo and stream through your online MUTU Account. Vimeo is currently restricted in some parts of India, China and Indonesia which can mean you’ll be unable to watch our videos. If you cannot access Vimeo’s website it’s likely you are in a restricted area. We can suggest downloading the Chrome extension Hola which may allow you to bypass the restrictions in your area, but we cannot guarantee this will resolve the problem.