Core Confidence

The challenge ended on July 5th 2020

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This isn’t the first time you have seen a fitness challenge,
but it might be the first time you’ve seen a Core
Confidence Challenge.

There is so much online about ‘core strength’ but what does it really mean? In 20 years working in women’s health, and after more than 69,000 Mamas completing my MUTU System program, I know something for sure… that doing more, harder ab exercises won’t get results.

Instead, it leaves us:

  • Confused about which core exercises are the right ones
  • Believing that back pain is a normal part of being a mom
  • Accepting that we pee ourselves when we laugh or lift

…It makes us feel like we aren’t good enough.

We’re tired of feeling like this. Tired of being told and shown how we should look and like
we don’t measure up.

The message that your body will never be good enough
unless you have 6 pack abs… is garbage.

We need core confidence, not more planks.

Core confidence means knowing and trusting that the exercises we are doing, will work for us.
Join me and thousands of mothers around the world as I show you how to build and celebrate our core
confidence together,

Who’ll be doing it with you?

Join The 7 days of Core Confidence Challenge

  • Learn the right workouts and movements to banish back pain and feel strong
  • Find out the core exercises you should be doing vs. the ones that won’t get the results you want
  • Discover how a leak-free life is yours for the taking
  • Be shown the path to feeling good in your own body and confident in your core.
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