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1. What you don’t know about postpartum back pain

Does a stronger core mean less back pain? Well, it’s certainly related. Remember our Core is much more than our abs. It’s our lower back, pelvic floor, all our abdominal muscles, our glutes and our hips – it’s our entire trunk or center.

2. Three things you can do to help relieve postpartum back pain

I want to destroy forever the myth that ‘core exercise’ means doing ab exercises. It’s so much more than that. You’re not a sum of parts like Humpty Dumpty to take apart and piece back together again, you’re a whole, fabulous, integrated system. And your core is at the … well, core of it.

3. Postpartum Back Pain: How to Live Back Pain Free

Remembering a few things can help keep you working on alignment while walking with your little ones. When baby-wearing, put the carrier and baby on with good alignment. This means… ribs stacked over the pelvis, shoulders relaxed, down and wide. Starting in a strong stacked position can bring more ease to carrying. And have your baby carrier snug and close to your body.