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1. Got Diastasis RectI? Do This Before Anything Else!

Video 1: Before you understand which exercises to avoid and which to do when it comes to diastasis recti, there’s a vital first step most people miss out when trying to heal their DR, flatten their tummy or strengthen their core post-baby. 

That first step is what we are going to talk about in Video #1. Grab a pillow to sit on, get comfy and take 5 minutes for yourself.

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2. Diastasis Don’ts. What’s Making It Worse?

Video 2: Sometimes taking that first step is the hardest part of the journey. You are now ready for the next part, learning what’s making your DR worse.

In Video #2 I will educate you on:

  • What exercises to avoid
  • Red flags to look out for as you are moving and exercising 
  • Other things outside of exercise to stop doing 

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3. MUTU Taster Exercises

Video 3: I hope you have learned new things from our first 2 videos together that will help you in your healing journey. 

We started with that first vital step of reconnection, then we talked about what exercises and lifestyle habits are not helping your DR, and now we are getting to what you SHOULD be doing! What exercises truly DO help heal diastasis recti? 

MUTU System was designed specifically for a mother’s body. To support healing, to gain strength, and to unleash that inner confidence. 

Here is your taste of MUTU System. Enjoy!