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Healing Your Pelvic Floor And Core After Pregnancy

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Whether you have a cesarean or vaginal birth, all women experience strain on their pelvic floor when pregnant and having a baby. Healing your pelvic floor and core after pregnancy takes time, whatever your birth experience. Your pelvic floor has been supporting extra weight and pressure throughout your pregnancy and this will have had some effect, regardless of how you give birth. Those who have a vaginal birth may experience further trauma to their pelvic floor during the delivery of the baby as a result of tearing or an episiotomy.

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Healing your pelvic floor and core after pregnancy requires time and the right foundational. functional exercises.

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Surgical trauma leads to the build-up of scar tissue which can result in a loss of sensitivity and functionality in the affected area. In the case of pelvic floor trauma, this lack of functionality may lead to bladder incontinence or occasional ‘leaking’ which is experienced by one in three women.

More on C-section recovery here and pelvic floor dysfunction here.

The best way to heal any scar tissue is through circulation – moving around – along with great nutrition and hydration. Even just gentle walking after having a baby can encourage healing and help to restore damage to the pelvic floor caused by childbirth.

Healing your core and pelvic floor after pregnancy

Like any other trauma, pelvic floor and abdominal issues caused during pregnancy and birth are injuries that need to be healed. They can be fixed but sit ups, planks and high impact exercises are not the way to achieve this. After having a baby, it is important to restore the stomach muscles and pelvic floor gradually. By understanding and connecting the core muscles you can get them functioning as you want them to.

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