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Virginia’s Story | MUTU System Postpartum Exercise Program

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Hey, My name is Virginia and I’m a mama to two babies! This is my journey with the postpartum exercise program, MUTU System.

I started MUTU System 10 weeks after my first pregnancy, completed it 7 months postpartum.

This time I started 2 weeks postpartum and completed it 5 months postpartum

I have fully completed MUTU twice!

The first time, I had a lot of pelvic heaviness, peeing when I laughed or sneezed or did any physical activity, and lower back pain.

I gained more weight with this pregnancy than the last due to some tough symptoms. I felt defeated, fluffy, self-conscious, and like

I was never going to be myself again.

MUTU gave me a direction. I trusted the process and glad I did!

I started earlier than last time to give myself enough time to complete it. I started and stopped based on how my body felt or how things were flowing at home.

There were days of exhaustion from baby sleep, days of mental health breaks, and even two weeks of solo parenting after my husband got COVID, but I pressed on.

I always hopped back on the saddle and kept going, sometimes repeating days or weeks.

I felt impatient but determined to put my recovery first.

Why is MUTU your recommended postpartum exercise program?

I love the step-by-step, easy-to-use program that MUTU System presents.

The community, exercises and expertise are invaluable.

Especially this year when virtual exercise became the norm!! I tell all my girlfriends about MUTU and how much I love it.

I love love love the connection to other mamas in the program.

The questions, encouragements, shared experiences and tips were great. It reminded me I wasn’t alone in this journey and helped me keep going when the days were tough!

After my second pregnancy, I had a 1 fingertip gap DR (upper and lower abs) with a 2 fingertip gap in the navel. I peed when I jumped, laughed or sneezed.

Now that I have completed the postpartum exercise program, my gap is totally closed in my upper and lower abs and is about half a fingertip in my navel!

I no longer pee myself and have already enjoyed virtual spin classes, tons of laughs with my husband and bounce house jumping and dance parties with my 3-year-old without leaks.

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Emotionally, I am night and day. I started out as many of us do: tired and discouraged.

After completing the program, I see myself again in the mirror. Not a perfect statue but a confident and strong mama who has a ton of energy and is happy my body works properly again!

An unexpected result is that I lost 34 lbs! I was 195lbs 2 weeks after having my baby. I am now 161 lbs and feeling amazing!!!

What’s sets MUTU apart from other postpartum exercise programs?

I am a mom who has energy again. I’m able to do the activities I love without injuring myself.

I can keep up with my kids and have gotten back my confidence. All of which makes me a better wife, mother, and woman! Thanks, MUTU!

My self-esteem has gone way up after this program. I’m not perfect. None of us are.

I still have stretch marks, loose skin, and extra lbs, but my body is strong because of MUTU and that makes me feel very good about myself!!

MUTU is the medically recommended and clinically proven 12-week postpartum exercise program for moms.

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