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Why find a MUTU Pro? A MUTU Pro is certified to teach MUTU System within their classes or one-to-one sessions. Personally trained by Wendy, our MUTU Pros are an incredible resource of specialist professionals – certified Personal Trainers, Physical Therapists, Yoga and Pilates Instructors, Doulas and Physiotherapists – who will guide you through the MUTU exercises so vital for re-building your core.

They’ll ensure you’re truly benefitting from your workouts and modify your exercises based on your individual needs, keep you motivated, and most importantly, help you get the very most out of your online program. You can find a MUTU Pro using the listings below.

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Important: The opinions or recommendations expressed by a certified MUTU Pro™ are their own and do not reflect the view, advice or opinion of MUTU Holdings previously known as MUTU® System Limited. Certified MUTU Pro’s are not employees, consultants, agents and/or representatives of MUTU Holdings.

Noelle Moyler

Blueberries and Jellyfish
Home West Sussex United Kingdom Work Phone: 07900 944420 Certification: 14th September 2017 Website: Blueberries and Jellyfish
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Hello! I’m Noelle, Mum to two gorgeous girls. In 2009, after having a difficult birth with my eldest, I was shocked to discover I leaked when I sneezed, coughed, and exercised. I tried to find help but there was nothing available, so I carried on and accepted that this was ‘normal’after having a baby. After the birth of my second child in June 2012, I decided enough was enough, and started looking for help. I found Wendy and MUTU System, subscribed to her newsletters and I knew I had found someone who understood how I was feeling and had an approach to start working on restoring my physical body and my self confidence. I signed up to MUTU System in 2013 and it changed my life, literally!

As a result of becoming a MUTU Mama, my interest in post-natal rehabilitation, exercise and nutrition grew. Last May, Wendy announced she was running a MUTU Pro certification in the UK and I just knew I wanted to turn my interest and passion into a career, so over the last 18 months, as well as certifying with MUTU, I have retrained as a Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, specialising in women’s health and pre- and post-natal exercise. I also took a leap of faith and left my job in technology after 21 years, to set up my business, as I feel so passionately about supporting women. Currently I am undertaking training on the 3rd Age Woman, to continue developing my knowledge to guide women as we move into the perimenopause and menopause phases of our lives.

I look forward to sharing my experiences, my knowledge and support through my one to one, class and workshop offerings.

Profession in: Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer
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