What A MUTU Pro, By A MUTU Pro

Thinking about becoming a MUTU Pro? Check out what some of our current Pros gained from their training…

Tressie Gilmore


“The training has been really incredible. So many different people have come from different practices and to see what everyone is bringing to the table has been a learning experience, it’s been fun. I would encourage anyone to do it who is a professional, work with women after they have babies to give them the strength they need and the knowledge that they need and have yourself a good time!”

Nicole Atwood

Personal Trainer


Megan Hughes

Physical Therapist


Ellen Williamson


“My biggest takeaway from doing the MUTU Pro Certification is that it’s incredibly adaptable, and that we can form it, make it, move it, change it to our clients’ needs. Not everybody is the same, not everybody has the same type of body. Not everybody has the same type of problems, needs, goals or issues. I love that I can meet them where they are, always.”

Trisha Margolis

Pilates Instructor

“What MUTU has done for me, it really allowed me to find other avenues or strategies to compliment my current business, but as far as me healing myself after having a baby, and really helping me to create a stronger foundation for my business, but also for my own experience as a new mom and healing after that.”

Bonnie Henry

Fitness Instructor


Bill Bitz

Personal Trainer


Rebecca Wright


“I am able to take what I’ve learnt here and bring it back to my community. That’s the best thing for me, and that I will continue to have access to the resources of this community so when there’s something I don’t know, I can draw on the knowledge of all of the people that have been here.”