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I want her to claim the skies… not my hang-ups.

It’s not just our looks, intelligence and mannerisms we pass onto our kids – but our attitude too and though we may hate the thought of it, our hang-ups.

You climb the walls every time you see a spider, you can bet your kid’s going to have a fear of creepy crawlies. You shy away from the limelight, there’s a strong chance they will prefer to as well. You moan about your wobbly tummy and muffin top, they may well start to examine their own bodies and see imperfections.
So if you ever find yourself flapping your bingo wings with despair in front of littl’uns, STOP!

Stop, because you could be giving them reason to question the way they look – if not now, then sometime in the future. Stop, because to them, you are mum, just mum. They love you just the way you are… with no questions asked!

If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, don’t go on about it: quietly start to do something. Take little steps towards exercising effectively; make adjustments to how you eat. Slowly, as you see and feel the benefits, you can build your body confidence.

You can do it for yourself – or you can do it for your kids, who want a happy, healthy, confident mum to look up to. Your positivity, if you can find it, will be infectious! What better motivation could there be to love the person you are than teaching your kids to love who they are too – dimply buttocks and scabby knees to boot!

I love the blog post I read this week that reinforces this idea. As your child starts to open their eyes to their body and compare it to others’ – it’s your opportunity to nurture their body image and help them feel happy in their skin. If you wail about your orange peel, it will have the opposite effect.

Another thought about taking care of yourself – you will not only look better, but you will find the energy to run, skip, play, tumble and climb with your child. Which is as great for your body and uplifting for your mind as it is for theirs.

Being a mum gives you a unique reason to make the most of your body and get fit. Feeling secure about the way you look passes on a great message to them – and having the energy to play with them creates special moments you’d never have if you sat on your sofa instead.