MuTu System ResolutionsSigns that Christmas over-indulgence needs to come to an end…!

  1. You’re wearing your maternity wardrobe to accommodate your “food baby”
  2. You can’t wait to enjoy the comfort of the elasticated waist of your pyjamas and take your bra off…
  3. Your daily ‘workout’ has been reduced to hunting for the remote control
  4. It’s normal to have snacks within reach at every waking hour
  5. Drinking in the afternoon? Why the heck not?

Well, you’ve had a blast, but all good self-destructive things must come to an end. Living as we do over the holidays is simply not sustainable if you want to be healthy, fit and happy. And, if you’re honest, that straining waistband and sluggish feeling is starting to get to you, isn’t it?

So come on, let’s pick ourselves up and start getting excited about a healthy, vibrant 2013, where everything is possible.

Yeah, yeah, I know it’s a cliché to make a fitness-related New Year resolution… but it’s worth remembering that, for some, a New Year can be a life-changing watershed. You probably already know someone for whom a New Year meant the last cigarette; the start of a good lifestyle change; or the end to an unsatisfying work era, or unhappy relationship. New Year resolutions can be a hugely positive thing, so let’s keep the faith and see what we can achieve by saying “Enough! Let’s reboot!” It’s as good a time as any to change your life, right?

Health wise, you know what it is you should be doing differently: eating well, exercising regularly, giving yourself “me-time”, finding ways to nurture your body and mind… all well and good, but how do you turn good intentions into a healthy lifestyle that sticks?

 Here are my top 6 tips:

  1. Make a resolution that excites you. Don’t just ‘go to the gym’ if that seems a turn-off, do some research and settle on an activity that appeals to you.
  2. Write down realistic goals. Make a long-term goal, for six months ahead, and also a short-term goal, just six weeks away. Meeting objectives is motivational so don’t make them unachievable.
  3. If you need to lose weight, shift your focus from calorie counting and ‘denial’ to healthy eating and keeping active. Think about what you can add to your life, rather than what you should take away.
  4. Don’t get derailed by ‘failures’ – remember if you miss a class, or a run, you can compensate by being active in general… if you walk regularly, that is a huge advantage over using the car for every journey.
  5. Stay focused on the positives of physical fitness: you can run around with your kids more easily, you look more youthful, you are putting your mind in a better place, you are keeping health time-bombs at bay!
  6. This is really important: Think about how you want to FEEL. And then do the stuff that makes you feel that way and  do less of the stuff that doesn’t – consistently and over time… Until you wake up and realise it is your reality. Live, move and eat like the person you want to be more of would. You’ll soon find you’re  already her!

What if I fall off the wagon?

Then you get back on. No guilt, no negativity, just a little more resolve than last time. Just start. Or Re-start. Or pick up where you left off. Success = small changes, small steps, consistently and over time. Just get back on.