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The MUTU Million Workouts App

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Stay firmly on track to break through your post-baby health and fitness goals

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Live Calls with Wendy
Exclusive monthly access to live video calls with Wendy to answer your questions – live and personal

Exclusive offers and access to expert guests
Live calls as well as direct from your Life dashboard

Personalized Text and Email Alerts
We track exactly where you are at in your MUTU journey – we’ll guide you, celebrate you, encourage you and pick you up if you fail. Haven’t MUTU-ed for a while? We’ll be the nudge you need to get going again.

The MUTU Million Workouts App
More advanced workouts for when you’re ready for something next level. Endless variety of workouts, on demand and on your mobile phone via our exclusive MUTU Life-only access app. Easy meal planning and delicious simple recipes your family will love

Meal Plans and Recipes
Inspiration and easy planning with weekly plans including super simple recipes for the whole family. Unlock healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas.