Losing Baby Weight Successfully Means Getting Your Body AND Your Head in the Right Place. MUTU System is delighted to be working in partnership with Thinking Slimmer and the Slimpod… Your Mummy Tummy has NOWHERE to hide!

A Slimpod is a 10-minute recording of the voice of Trevor Silvester, creator of a technique known as “WordWeaving” which uses language in a special way to gently retune your unconscious mind to think differently about food and exercise and the way you feel about yourself. It can have a remarkable effect on your eating habits and your confidence and self-esteem.

Listening to a Slimpod works like a guidance mechanism, retuning your unconscious mind to change your habits. During the first 21 days of your Slimpod you’ll probably notice surprising differences in how much you want to eat, how much more you want to do and the way you feel about yourself.

Once these changes have become a habit, you’ll be able to achieve easy and lasting weight loss by continuing to listen to your Slimpod. It’s important that you keep listening to your Slimpod for as often and as long as it takes for you to achieve your weight loss goal.  The truth is that trying to achieve a slimming goal by conscious willpower alone is an uphill struggle – but you can probably remember a time when something that you set your mind on suddenly clicked, and achieving it seemed effortless? That’s an example of your unconscious mind getting behind you and supporting your endeavour!

A Slimpod  primes your unconscious mind to bring to your awareness the things you want to feel and the way you want to behave with food, adjusting your feelings about appetite etc.

To lose your baby weight and your habitual struggle with food, listen to the Slimpod every night. No pills, no diet foods and no drama! Every day, you see and feel the results of  your MUTU workouts and abdominal toning more effortlessly, as the food battle subsides.

MUTU System video coaching puts your muscles and your body back together from the inside out after having babies. The Thinking Slimmer Slimpod gradually changes your relationship with food.

With your body and mind in the right place, you have the ultimate combination to lose your baby weight AND tone your mummy tummy… for good!

Sandra Roycroft Davis, Harley Street hypnotherapist and Founder and CEO of Thinking Slimmer and Wendy Powell, Postpartum Fitness Expert and Founder and CEO of MUTU System are convinced that this is the ultimate combination to discovering your waistline AND your body confidence… to reclaiming abdominal muscle tone AND your Mojo!

You gradually end your battle with food, whilst your fitness journey to a firmer, leaner, stronger and more confident YOU gathers pace.  It’s the ultimate combination that will take you and your post baby body to exactly where you want them to be!