** We are only considering citizens of the USA for this role. Please read the ELIGIBILITY AND HOW TO APPLY section thoroughly before applying.**


As the Marketing Assistant, you are primarily responsible for delivering entirely fabulous design assets for our websites, social media feeds and advertising that are in line with our brand guidelines and directly drive engagement/conversion.

You will work on video editing, social media, marketing data reporting, PR assistance, to name a few. You are expected to prioritise, identify where you can help, focus, pivot, adapt, jump in and ‘figure it out’, assisting and helping the Marketing team drive forwards and deliver our brand message and content.

You will work with the whole Marketing team, as well as with the Operations and Technical teams as required You will also have communication channels with, and asset delivery requirements from, publicity and advertising.

You will report to, and agree on priorities and delivery with, the Content Creation Manager and ultimately are responsible to the CEO.

The main purpose of this role is to ensure that the marketing team has the design, and other support, needed in order to move forward towards quarterly and yearly goals. You are responsible for making sure that design output is on brand, on time and on point.

We use Trello, Zoom, Slack, Box, Google Drive (including spreadsheets) and Toggl. You must be willing and able to learn and use all these platforms productively. Our regular team calls and external contractor meetings are all on Zoom. You are expected to be comfortable, professional and fully focussed and productive using these platforms.


You may or may not have all the skills required for each of these tasks. We’ll teach you what you need to know. You need to be coachable and willing to learn.


  • Ad and social channel design
  • Following brand guidelines and keeping all visuals cohesive and ‘on brand’
  • Creating branded PDFs


  • Schedule content and write copy for social channels – demonstrating an acute understanding of what works and engages with our audience.
  • Encourage content from our followers – seeing opportunities, building relationships with other content creators/relevant influencers
  • Replying to comments on social media.


  • Posting, updating and ‘SEOing’ blog posts on WordPress
  • Accuracy and proofreading


  • Creating and editing video content for social media, PPC and our membership site
  • Subtitling videos – we currently use Zubtitles.
  • SEOing and posting video content on our YouTube channel.


  • Organising and filing creative assets
  • Keeping Trello up to date with task statuses and identifying where you can assist other team members
  • Accurate time tracking within Toggl
  • Other ad hoc tasks that will be required


To be successful in this role you must demonstrate that you have the following innate abilities and attributes:

Design skills. You have an understanding of the principles of website, UX and UI design, and how to structure and present content. You will be required to produce your designs in multiple formats and file types to accommodate social media, advertising and other platform requirements

You have an understanding and working knowledge of:

  • Common design patterns (how elements are laid out, and how users expect them to be)
  • Graphic design basics and composition
  • Familiarity and ability to work and deliver assets in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Ability to figure things out, and to identify for yourself what needs doing, what are we working on as a priority, who might need help to meet a deadline to deliver assets, and how you can assist. We expect you to figure things out, and to ask good questions that empower you to succeed.

Ability to prioritize and stick to tasks. We move fast and implement impeccably. You will prioritize and deliver well and on time. We encourage you to work smarter rather than work harder. Our work is outcome focussed, and so are you.

Ability to get things done and keep organised. Projects will drop-in, or change direction. It will be your role to ensure that your tasks are accomplished on time.

An eye for detail and following through. You notice when something is ‘off’. Or missing. Or not engaging, Or REALLY engaging. Follow through – how did your design land? What does that teach you for the next task?

Ability to work independently. We are a remote, global team. Our HQ is in the UK, so we work across time zones and need to know we can count on each other. We need to be able to trust that you will deliver without being micromanaged.

Persistence, respect, collaboration and ownership. We’re not interested in office politics, we don’t tolerate divas and we don’t avoid accountability. We cover each other’s backs and own our stuff. Your ability to get along with the team, to be open and honest about problems as they arise, will be central to your success in this role.

Passion. We are a team who is passionate about making a difference in the world and the bigger picture. We want you to share that passion.

A great sense of humour and a sense of purpose. Life’s too short for a job/career that you don’t enjoy.


MUTU™System empowers women to move through motherhood with confidence. Our mission is to guide and empower millions of women to build dignity, connection, function and confidence in and about their bodies so that they are free to achieve and be everything they want to be.

We are a UK-based company, with a subsidiary in the USA (MUTU System Inc), selling a digital online exercise and wellness program. Our customer base is global, predominantly in the USA and the UK, but we have customers in more than 150 countries around the world! Our vision is for MUTU to be an iconic, global brand and movement, synonymous with women’s self-esteem and empowerment.


We cultivate and practice true flexibility, mutual respect and inclusivity within our team and partners. Everyone in this company understands that their role is crucial to the success of our vision. Our company culture is collaborative, accountable and dynamic. We are a small team where everyone is respected and valued and takes responsibility and autonomy for their role.

We work virtually and remotely, individually as well as in teams, and in different time zones. We move fast and implement impeccably, resulting in an exciting and internationally focused company.


  • A work environment that is truly dedicated to a larger vision and making a 
huge impact. A real chance to be part of something that will be iconic and impactful.
  • Autonomy within your role and respect within the team. You won’t be micromanaged. You are being hired for your attributes and will be given the space and resources to get the job done.
  • Lots of opportunities for personal growth and development. MUTU is a meritocracy – people who work hard, contribute and add value at every level – from administration through to executive – are truly prized and rewarded in our organization.
  • Open, honest, real-time feedback. Clarity and transparency.
  • Lots of variety and challenge (we will always try to give you more than you can handle and will completely respect you when you say too much!)
  • Positive reinforcement. We are strengths-based organizations – meaning we focus on what’s working and building people up, instead of what’s wrong and tearing them down.


  • Employed, USA-based, full-time (37.5 hours/week) – part time hours (min of 30hrs a week) would be considered for the right candidate.
  • Gross annual salary $24K – pro rata for part time hours.
  • 401k
  • 20 days paid annual leave plus 8 paid public holidays off per year.
  • Your birthday as a paid day off.
  • We work across multiple time zones. The marketing team meeting is Tuesday at 8am EST which you are required to attend. There are other regular and as required meetings you will be required to attend with other team members and contractors. Outside of company meetings your working hours are generally flexible and agreed with your manager.


Eligibility: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY as ONLY submissions that fulfil and meet all requirements, and the eligibility criteria, will be considered.

We are only considering citizens of the USA for this role. You must be social security registered. We particularly welcome applications from BIPOC and LGBTQ communities. Please see our inclusivity and anti-racism statement here.

You must have access to a suitable home/remote working environment, hardware and internet connection required to fulfil this role.

  1. Please email your resume and application email to [email protected]
  2. Please complete the free ‘16 Personalities’ test and include the full result (including 5-digit-result) in your application email.
  3. Please film a video of yourself and share it through Google Drive to [email protected] – it should be no longer than 5 minutes of you and should feature you answering the following questions:
  • Why do you believe you’d be a great fit for MUTU and this role?
  • Tell us about a time when you had to use your own initiative to achieve a goal or fulfil a brief.
  • Tell us about a creative project you’ve worked on that you were most proud of and why.
  • What did you feel was most accurate in your personality test result and why? Was there anything that surprised you?
  • Tell us an interesting fact about yourself.

Please also send an email once you’ve uploaded and shared your video if this has not already been done by the time you send your application email and resume. You must include your full name in the subject line of all email correspondence as well as in the video file name.

Closing date for applications is 1st November 2020