6 AUGUST 2018



Are you a Military spouse living the crazy military lifestyle and finding little or no time to focus on you?
Are you a mom serving in the military but suffering with nagging postpartum symptoms?
Have you had babies and never really felt you’ve had the time or energy to restore your body?
Are you so busy looking after your family you forget to look after you?
Do you have symptoms that just never went away after you had your gorgeous children?

In celebration of the launch of the brand new Military Outreach MUTU System, Wendy Powell and the M.O.M.S.
team are bringing an exclusive one time masterclass to military mamas in Ft Bragg, this Summer. A full day of
reconnection, postpartum health and recovery, and body confidence. A full day for YOU!

We decided it was time to stage this ultimate Masterclass for Military mamas – a full day of expert guidance, body
confidence and inspiration… Read on for the agenda and how to book your spot!

Military Outreach MUTU System is a medically reviewed and doctor recommended exercise and recovery
program for military spouses, to help you eliminate ‘mummy tummy’, Diastasis Recti and pelvic floor weakness —
while building your confidence after having babies. Plus M.O.M.S. is an exclusive community of military spouses
from all over the globe, that all understand your life and are ready to support and empower one another on their
body confidence journey.

The M.O.M.S. masterclass is designed to give you the education and resources you deserve. To teach you more
about healing your postpartum body, no matter how long it’s been! We want every step of your journey to be in the
right direction, surrounded by a tribe of women who get what you’re going through and want to help you make a
difference to the way you feel.

This masterclass is for you if…

  • You are a military mama or a military spouse and you have had babies recently, or many years ago!
  • You want to meet and be taught in person and LIVE by Wendy Powell. Wendy is flying all the way from the U.K. to be here with you!
  • You want to address postpartum issues you’ve been ignoring or that haven’t gone away.
  • You need a little extra guidance and help on your post-baby body healing journey.
  • You’d like to learn more about how to flatten your post-baby tummy and strengthen your pelvic floor.
  • You want to rediscover long lost body confidence, surrounded by other badass military mamas, in a safe and non-judgemental environment.
  • You need to ask questions about your postpartum recovery and get them answered by experts.
  • You know you need to start making time to work on ‘Project You’ but don’t know how to start.
  • You’re a little bit lost since having your babies and you just want a hug, to be told it’s all going to be okay and what to do next.

The Agenda

During this event you will be introduced to MUTU System principles, correct breathing techniques, correct pelvic floor and
core muscle engagements, body alignment and why it’s important in your postpartum recovery!

What We’re Going to Cover…

  • Learn how to properly check yourself for diastasis recti or be checked by Wendy and Ashley.
  • Discuss and learn more about other common symptoms of a weak core and pelvic floor.
  • How to flatten your mummy tummy and what could be making it worse.
  • Find out more about leaking and incontinence and why you shouldn’t put up with this!
  • How to banish lower back and hip pain and other annoying symptoms.
  • Workouts, stretches and breathing for postpartum fitness and recovery.
  • Painful sex and what to do about it.
  • Vital information on pelvic organ prolapse and the post baby pooch.
  • Exclusive Q&A with Wendy Powell – have all your recovery questions answered.

PLUS! Exclusive extra…

  • Amazing business opportunity for military spouses included in your ticket price. If you’re tired of not being able to establish an income of your own to fit around your military lifestyle, this part of the masterclass is for you!

Meet the experts

Wendy Powell, CEO and Founder of MUTU System,
and certified post-pregnancy exercise professional

WENDY POWELL is a globally recognised leading voice on body confidence and body positivity. Certified postpartum exercise specialist and Master Trainer, author and international speaker, she is founder and CEO of MUTU® System online programs and Accredited education provider MUTU Pro.

MUTU System is an award-winning restorative online exercise programme and thriving community of more than 49,000 women worldwide and is medically recommended by respected women’s pelvic health specialists.

Ashley Gammon, MUTU Pro, Military spouse
and M.O.M.S. Project manager.

Ashley has made it her mission to bring awareness to military spouses across the globe on a very ignored area in women’s health. Women are suffering in silence and Ashley knows all too well the everyday struggles of the military life. This is why her passion to empower military mamas through education and resources is so strong. Her personal journey with MUTU and healing her postpartum body got her to doing what she does today, bringing awareness into the military community.


If you want to spend a whole day feeling empowered, learning about body confidence, tummy and pelvic floor
issues and how to overcome them, and meet other military spouses just like you, then the M.O.M.S. masterclass is
for you and we’d love to see you there!

We hope you will join us in the movement and get #mutustrong.