Ali Brown

Entrepreneurial Guru for Women Ali Brown
“After you give birth, the wondrous time spent getting to know the joys of baby is accompanied with getting to know your body again. It’s forever changed, inside and out. And while we are often told to just “bootcamp” our bodies back to normal again, there remains a disconnect that hasn’t been addressed fully and in a proven method—until Wendy Powell came along and created her MuTu System.”

Maternal-Goddess Nadine-Woods

Nadine M.Woods

Executive Director Maternal Goddess Org
“Wendy has been a consistent voice in the Maternal Goddess Community. Her perspective on Diastasis Recti Rehabilitation and alignment have provided our audience with with much needed information on other aspects that influence recovery. Her voice is refreshing and relatable we are grateful for her contribution to our organization and look forward to her writing as they have become some of our top read articles.”

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